Hot Take: The Paradox of Choice in Flight Sims

@chipwich what book was that lol

Man, is this bad, regardless of the reviews.


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Book about lightning pilot with Raptor on cover. Say no more :roll_eyes:


He just wanted to make it clear that he was, indeed, the commander of that particular single-seat fighter. :joy:

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Great point, and I think that hits the nail on the head. I’ve noticed my own attention span has substantially reduced in the last 5-10 years. Maybe it’s not so much getting older as it is having so many more choices of distractions than we used to have?


I wonder if my issue is partly the reverse.
I have all these planes in DCS that I’ve barely flown, and like 90% of my time in it since release of the Hornet has been the Hornet. As a result I’m really good with it but not so much anything else. Not the F16, the Viggen, the Mirage, the Harrier, the F14, the Mig-21, and I’ve even forgotten a lot about the Ka-50 and A-10 let alone the FC3 planes! I bought the Mi-24 and AH-64 and I don’t know when I’m going to fly them!
I also have both Il-2 sims, but barely touch CloD/Tobruk, and have flown maybe half the planes I have in BoX more than once.

I have hundreds of CDs and thousands of songs, but I find myself listening to Pink Floyd or Nirvana or the Beatles or whoever again and again and forgetting about some of the artists I only have a single CD or half a dozen songs from.
I have hundreds of movies and TV series on disc but I tend to rewatch the same ones (BSG, B5, ST, LOTR, SW, etc) while so many others I’ve only seen once or twice.

In short, while I have a lot of choice, I find myself ignoring a lot of it with a “have to spend time with X some day” vow and sticking with the tried and true instead. I want to go wider but tend to find myself sliding every deeper instead. I could watch that new movie on Netflix, but I haven’t seen Indiana Jones in a few years, so…


Which reminded me, though not really relevant perhaps…there are songs that I still wait for the ‘ker-clunk’ of the 8-track switching tracks in the middle of the song. Strange the things that stick with you. “Eagles”, 1972, & Take It Easy is one example.


This is why I don’t have MSFS. It’s not due to some competitive devotion or exclusive love for X-Plane. I fully recognize the possibility that it will be surpassed and when it is I will drop it and embrace the new thing. For now, the dependable and the familiar are what bring surprise and joy while the new and the unknown predictably disappoint.


I stick with DCS (not because it will get jealous if I try another sim @schurem :rofl:)

Because it has pretty much every plane I would want, has terrain I don’t need charts and a compass to plot my way around, it’s familiar and easy to remap controls the way I like them

But if I don’t have a clear plan before I load it up, I get the same problem of trying to decide what to fly and burning away my precious time trying to make a decision. I also find “currency” to be a big issue as well. The Sabre and Mig 19 I can pretty much jump in, fly and fight without too much issue but anything else and I normally have to retrain myself and that gets annoying when jumping from plane to plane for a bit of a change.

So I try to keep it simple now.

If I want to KILL something in the air, Sabre or mig 19

If I want to kill something on the ground, Harrier

Carrier circuits, Tomcat

Crash a helicopter, Hind

My next goal is finally learn how to fly the A10c.


My comfort aircraft! It’s got the best HOTAS integration of all aircraft we have in DCS, insane firepower and of course the cannon! Let’s Brrrrrrt! :laughing:

I’d be happy to teach you the ways of the Hog.


I have found re-learning a machine after a hiatus deepens the routine operation. I flew hog a bit some years ago the let it go. Then a month or so, I relearned it all using the Chuck’s Guide while flying the excellent Operation Iranian Freedom campaign. Now it all feels as natural and easy as riffing off the twelve bar blues. The slowness and agility add to the comfort. You’re rarely if ever in a hurry and the beast will never leave you out of airspeed, altitude and ideas like the hornet will.

Let’s run “through the inferno” on a server next time we’re all available and we’ll have some hog beginner classes :slight_smile:

Nom Nom Eating GIF by TikTok


I just cant fly this plane because of that particular quality :smile:

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