How to re-acquire DCS

Good point, but is it worth d/l-ing it to my old PC when I will need to install it, as part of DCS World, on my new PC in about three weeks?

You will not download it, just get a key, that is connected to your account. So that when you do download DCS World in a few weeks, start it and click the box that says “yes these are my modules”, it will install everything and you will be done with ‘all the DCS software’

Good advice. I will work on this today. Thank you!

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Ok, quick follow-up question: Should I download the DCS Open World 2.5 or the Beta?

Depends on your preference.

Right now ED has adopted a cadence where they push out the Beta one week, and it gets pushed to the Stable the next week. For the most part, unless there is a bug that is horrifically game breaking or there is a major new feature added, the only benefit of the stable branch is you get about a weeks warning of what is going to get broken.

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Exactly this ^

So unless you would want to have all the newest Hornet features all the time and cannot stand getting them a week later, I would definitely use the release ( non-beta) version.

Flip side is that if multiplayer is in your sights, just about everyone is running the beta.

Here’s my new Warthog HOTAS with Monster Tech’s ingenious chair mounts, awaiting my new PC. All I can do for the moment is twiddle the buttons on the unplugged controllers. Pathetic, eh?


Looking good there! Love how well-read you must be. None of those books look like they went onto the shelf unread :wink:

how’s the line-up on those armrests and the controllers?

Is there a way to lock those wheels? I really dislike the wheels on my office chair when doing things that need lots of sudden yet precise rudder input (high-alpha rolls for example)

I am now suffering from acute and terrible den-envy. My PC is in the &#%(ing living room off all places. No rest, no way to customize, and severe restriction on the amount of violence on screen for large parts of the day.

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Thanks, schurem. Yes, I am a massive bibliophile; I think it’s a privilege to live in a house full of books and I have indeed read most of them, but I’m 58 years old so I’ve had more time than some.

The line-up is almost perfect. These things are so well-conceived and engineered. They are height adjustable and can be pivoted to the side (or quick-released) to make more room. I didn’t have nearly enough available real estate on my desk and without this solution I would not have been able to flight-sim with a Warthog HOTAS without uninstalling my race-simming peripherals. This way, I think I am going to be able to do both ergonomically and without compromise. Funnily enough, I don’t need to lock the wheels because the Warthog is so friggin’ heavy that the chair now has tremendous inertia and is reluctant to move!

I totally get your frustration with the compromises you need to make re. space, simming setup and family life. I am only able to indulge myself now because both my kids are in college and I have the time to learn the F-18 from soup to nuts. Good luck and thanks again.