I did a Flight Review of the Christen Eagle II

Not an old hat, actually quite new here, so thank you for the welcome from you and @BeachAV8R! This is by-far one of the most wholesome threads/forums I’ve ever seen in the flight sim community! I love it! I hope to put out some more videos like this one, possibly a CE2-based “Aerobatic Tutorial Series,” and other reviews, but it’s all time and motivation dependent. I’m looking forward to being a positive part of this community…

And yes @smokinhole I just bought a Swift last month after about a 2-year search to find the right one. The weather up here in the Northeast has been garbage, so I’ve yet to put a single tenth on it since I purchased it, but I’m looking forward to flying the polished rivets off it this spring! https://imgur.com/gallery/jSoefrx


You the dude from the Alert5 podcast? That plane looks very much like it! Also welcome man, I dig your work.

Lol both you and the plane seem to be grinning big happy grins there :smiley:


That’s me! The same Sport, glad to hear you listen and hope you enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to send us topic ideas or feedback on how we can improve


The Jell|-O interview is fantastic. The hunter becomes the hunted. He really opened up on number of topics. Well done.

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I really enjoyed the interview with Jell-O as well. More stuff like that on the podcast would be fantastic.
it’s turning from a thing I listen to because it pops up on mudspike to one of the things I look forward to most.
I really like the bits at the beginning where you talk about your real flying careers and what you’ve been doing it’s very interesting. Plus you fly b17’s I’ve just found out on last podcast. Have you ever seen Sally B at duxford in the UK? I see her fly at least 5 times a year and it’s always a powerful moment.

I fly to the UK quite a bit for work, and have been trying to get out to Duxford for some time. I would love to see Sally B at some point (I believe she’s painted up like the Memphis Belle right now?).

My wife and I did this on our last trip to London. Duxford is a special place. You will need the whole day to do it justice and don’t miss the American Air Museum while you are there.

Sure is! One side is Sally B and one side dressed up like the belle! Gorgeous!

If you ever happen to be there on the airshow days over the summer the tickets are normally sold out weeks in advance but I normally have spares available. Its an amazing experience there.

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Nice review and good flying! :slight_smile: