If I go MS flight sim

The X-box argument is a great one. Get an Xbox and a basic stick setup. That plus would equate to a less than 400 dollar investment if you get gamepass and just download MSFS without buying a copy (Does MSFS run well on X-Box S I have no idea, but if it does it seems perfect). Get a feel for MSFS and decide. If you want to spend more, you can think of getting a high-end PC in the future, if not you can always sell it or give it as a Christmas gift to some family youth.

I have read (link below) that it runs ok in FHD resolution. X series can run in 4k.

MSFS on Xbox Series S - will this work? - Community Support / Hardware and Peripherals - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

… and back to original question (as always we like to answer questions which were not asked :wink: )

PC around 900 could actually work for MSFS but depends on the actual components. here is one video showing MSFS with mid-low end GPU RTX3050, but with mid-high end CPU 5800X though.

there is chance that you can find video showing ingame fps for that particular CPU+GPU combination you saw, and check the performance in front.

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good info here…I will wait till mid recession and look for deals on a used AMD 5800-5900…
otherwise X is plenty good for now…thanks much for feedback…

I am not sure where the 3050 ranks performance wise, but I can say that I am running a 2070S and it is absolutely fine for MSFS if 1080p is an acceptable resolution.


Based on DF video https://youtu.be/kre-ahGJc_g is port of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on XSS and especially on XSX excellent. On XSX you will get ultra quality setting like is on high end PCs.

My personal experience is, even if I have a TIR4 Pro + HOTAS and gaming PC, that the best enjoyment is with Xbox Series controller in hands on cockpit on 55" 4K OLED TV. :slight_smile:
The autors incredibly well impemented control on controller, so trust me, you really don’t need to have HOTAS or joystick (also valid for PC!). On console and TV is MSFS 2020 incredible experience!

BTW as I wrote here New (civil) HOTAS for Xbox Series TM just released “new” HOTAS compatible with XSS/XSX for resonable price. Well in comparing with price of XSS is not the best price. :sweat_smile:

RXT 3050 isn’t good GPU - too many limitation in performance and price is too high as is typically for Nvidia GPUs. If you have a limited budget look for RTX 3060 12GB as minimum (performance like 3 years older RX 5700XT which is still slighty better) or better look for AMD RX 6600 XT or look for good price of RX 6700 XT 12GB (performance like RTX 3060 Ti but cheaper - of course if we will not count Ray Tracing games).

Back to console: I recommned XSX because is in general better option. Performance XSX is really good: CPU is in reality Ryzen 3700 (without X) - with lower frequency but still 8 cores and 16 threads + GPU like RX 6800/XT. In combination with AMD FSR 2.0 (later 3.0) will be MSFS 2020 smootless in any situation.

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Not trying to be the devil’s advocate here, but am curious. Is there a VR option for Xbox?

What do you guys think of this, as a suggestion?

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Looks a great deal, to became almost perfect (for the price) i add a bit more ram, specially if you wanna run DCS.

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Even though that = $1269.99 Aussie Peso’s (on amazon.com.au) it looks like a good deal to me. As @stavka said, I’d max out the RAM. 32GB, preferably 64GB if it will take it… RAM is comparatively cheap and you can never have too much.

Unfortunately probably no VR support on XSS/XSX. Typical owner of XSS/XSX is prefering looking on big size 4K TV instead use VR set.

Well, if you prefer VR then PC is still the best option.

Hopefully Microsoft will start support VR sets on Xbox Series in near future. Playstation is supporting VR already but there is not MSFS 2020. :sweat_smile:


Honestly, depending on your tolerance, you don’t even need a computer to play msfs. You could just stream it to your tablet or your phone, or maybe even to an Apple computer if those are allowed to run Microsoft Game Pass.

Though obviously there are some necessary downgrades when using this method.

That’s the rub, and the reason I’ve held off on an XBOX to support my sightseeing habit.

I very much like setting something on a bearing and autopilot and watching the world go by while I work, but I hate having an 8-hour thermal load on my PC.

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good point :+1:

Here’s an argument in favor of MSFS:

Jaw dropping graphics. I can’t see a single polygon. Not a single bad texture on that plane. Wow.

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I gave MSFS an hour. I like it enough that I might get an XBOX1X just to play it as “sim lite”. But my initial impressions as a helicopter sim are…meh. The Calbri flies hands off. It’s really nothing like how a small piston helicopter should be. But the general aerodynamics, other than the generous stability, seem good. I feel like it might be intended to be flown with an XBOX controller and so, even with realism settings at “HARD”, it is still easily controlled. Touring around though, in a populated world that’s considerably more life-like and lively than X-Plane, will be fun from the sofa.

Not sure about the Xbox version, but in the PC version, there are two user assists related to rotor aircraft that are on by default. Turn those off, and IMO (not rotor rated) the MSFS 407 feels very similar to the XP11 206, maybe even more challenging. I haven’t sorted out the trim yet, so that is part of the issue, but it is definitely not easy to fly. Not impossible either, but you do need to make continual inputs on all axis to hover, with a lot of anti-torque pedal input. And I had one “settling with power” incident while hovering just out of GE. So that seems to be modeled.

Under Assistance Options > Piloting

  • Helicopter assisted tail rotor
  • Helicopter assisted cyclic

And even as you post that, there are already rising complaints out there that the helicopters are too hard, and well-nigh uncontrollable…

That may have been it. I deselected the anti-torque assist but must have missed cyclic.

[EDIT] Actually I did have the cyclic assist off. Might just be the Calbri. (MSFS doesn’t allow me to fly the 407 with the VR controllers.) Anyway, I am going to uninstall it and close my trial gamepass account. I’ll give it another go when I can find an XBserX. MSFS has very limited VR controller integration. Up here in my computer room with a VR headset, that’s my preferred mode of flying.

PS, Cool! 2 F-18s just flew by on their way in to Teterboro! In my 13 years here, that’s the first time I’ve seen any military type on approach overhead.

[EDIT2] There seems to be a very different stability model that is dependent on whether one is using a controller (xbox, stick) or a manipulator (VR trigger-grab of the cyclic). Because I swear, with the latter, you can hover 30 seconds without input. But after a second run using an old XB controller, the flight model was plenty challenging. My jury is still out on the accuracy because I need to dial in the controller. But fun so far.


@Elby I truly don’t understand what your problem is. There was a period where I considered leaving Mudspike because of you. But then you mellowed and morphed into a kind contributor. But there is still some underlying hostility which I don’t get. I suppose you’ll be you and I’ll either have to grow accustomed to it or settle on happier pastures. As for this thread my feelings are consistent. MSFS is a great sim that probably checks more boxes for more users than does X-Plane. For me, a user who generally flies helicopters and who finds joy in flying in VR away from the desk, X-Plane has features that suit my unique needs in ways that MSFS does not.

But I believe you already knew that.