I have a 1070, regular, not TI. I was debating if going to 27" 1440 would be too much for my 1070, if i intended to do max settings.

I was also looking at a new video card and then also looking for new cpu/mobo, SSD, etc. It snowballed and overwhelmed me, so I threw my hands up and dickered, now it’s sold out. Oh well. It looks like it was only $20 off regular pricing anyway, which is $399US, so I guess I might get it later.

If you get that monitor, I’d like to see your impressions of it.

I’m running a 1080, so not a huge step up. But will def let you know how things go!

Has any of you guys experience with IPS panels and night flying / space sims?

My current monitors are ips. They’ve served me well, even in darker rooms. If you’re looking for perfection you obviously won’t find it. Plus they’re on the older side. 5+ years. Tech has changed now.

I have a two year old ViewSonic IPS panel. In dark scenes, such as Elite Dangerous, I am more pleased with it’s dark and near-black performance than I was with my older non-IPS display. Colors are more stable across a wider viewing area in general, to my eye anyway.

But as @Rhinosaurus mentions above, it’s not perfect, IMO not as good as an old CRT for blacks. But it’s the best LCD picture I’ve owned.

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