MSFS 2020 - Video Thread

Another neat video from same guy flying same helicopter in less-than-ideal weather conditions cross country.


I thought they are doing rolling landings because their carrier was static :wink: :smile:

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I really wish the developers of this MSFS module would be able to simulate the sophisticated helmet along with the rest of the aircraft. I understand most of it is classified and IIRC the underlying code in MSFS cannot or has no code to simulate the helmet…but darn, it’s such a integral part of the F-35. There are public videos out there showing features of the helmet (I’m guessing are not classified) so one would think they could implement a best guess on the equipment.

VTOL VR does it nicely. I think, again has more to do with the underlying MSFS code that anything else. Maybe some day.


Everything you ever wanted to know about the Caribou…
…and then a bit more.

SimActual seems to be a new channel but really got my attention with his real life experience with the Caribou put in the context of the sim.

Found these today while waiting at the doctors office.

Hitting the target within 1 second of plan in Hawk T1 by Just Flight (MSFS)

Completing the mission via Welsh lakes & Mona Airfield in Hawk T1 by Just Flight (MSFS)

Guys a former Tornado pilot, and he’s taking us for a ride through the Mach loop and surroundings. His running commentary throughout the whole thing is impressive particularly as he’s flying low level doing it. I think I may have to pickup the Just Flight Hawk to try it myself.

Ironically there’s really nothing like this in DCS for the trainer modules.