Mudspike Air Cargo


That movie at the bottom of the page is stunning!


As @chipwich’s link says. The Mach Loop is in Wales, aka “England’s Backpack”.

We really need to work on your Britishness training! :yum:


Well, since Prince Philip is retiring…I’m ready to step in and fulfill my royal duties… Does that mean I get my own state aircraft?


I just realized my Husky doesn’t have an ADF installed (??)… Well, that’s inconvenient for Norway…amiright @Troll…?


Nah…! They’re shutting them down as fast as they can over here. GPS based RNAV is the new kid in town, and way cheaper than maintaining any ground based station, so…


It seems VOR/ADF is on it’s way out everywhere. Makes sense but I sort of like the basic concept of how they work and think they are neat to have around. Bit expensive though.


AM radio stations for the win.


Today we are going to take 553 lbs. of animal feed from our home base at ENSO to ENBL (Forde Airport, Bringeland). First I had to check to make sure my little Husky could carry that much…and it can…it is capable of hauling 677 lbs…

Our route will take us over Bergen, then on to our destination using VOR courses to stay on course…

Loaded up and ready to go…

The Air Hauler in flight tracker shows our progress…

Good day to fly…just some scattered clouds…

Watching the scenery roll by…including some ferries…

Making the turn over Bergen…

Passing a big bridge near Bergen…

Fish farm pens I think…

Soon Forde Airport comes into view and we shoot a visual left base pattern…

Cargo unloaded, cash in the bank…!

A breakdown of the flight statistics…

Building up some money…might have to consider upgrading aircraft soon!


The Askøybrua, or Ash Island Bridge if you translate it litterally :slight_smile:


Yeah…the Norwegian names are really challenging for me to write…LOL…


Hmm…I ran a contract earlier tonight, closed AH2, and now it won’t reopen. It just launches to a quick flash of a white window, then closes. Tried rebooting, but it is doing the same thing. :frowning: I hope if I install the newest version it will retain my company… (I’ll try saving the company .db file)


Found this in the Just Flight beta forums…this might be the problem…

“Early Access versions of AH2 have a “timeout” trigger built into them - after it times out, that version no longer works. Download and install the latest version.”

EDIT - That was indeed the problem. Installed the latest version…back in business (literally!)


Beach, have you seen any information regarding updating AH2 for P3D V4?


Not yet…but I will dive into the Air Hauler beta forum tomorrow…might be some info there…


From the Just Flight forums (I tacked on a question specifically about AH2…we’ll see what he says…):

"If you’ve seen the recent announcements about Prepar3D V4, you may be wondering if we’ll be updating our products to run in this 64-bit version of P3D.

For several months we have been working with Lockheed Martin to evaluate what work is required to produce V4 compatibility updates for our existing product range. We are aiming to release compatibility updates for some of our recent and popular releases shortly. These will be available free-of-charge in the form of updated product installers.

Meanwhile, for future titles and those that are still in development, we’ll be looking into developing ‘native’ V4 products that will take full advantage of the new features available in the simulator, in addition to continuing our support for the FSX and P3D v1/2/3 platforms."


I’m guessing it’s still going to be a no given that simconnect is not x-plane compatible.

edit: lol I think maybe I took that post out of context, in which case ignore me :slight_smile:


Oh - yeah, I think we were just talking about AH2 for P3D v4… It works in v3, but with the move to 64-bit, who knows if the AH2 early access will still work… Since it IS early access though…you’d think they’d want to work in the most current platform before the full release. Maybe. Hopefully.


l guess we’ll know in about 24 hours.


Ya, I was reading too quick lol.


“Currently AH2 will NOT support P3Dv4 - but as soon as it is out, I’ll be having a look to see what changes will be necessary for the move to 64-bit on the P3D end. The same is true of FSW, but keep an eye out here or on the EA forums for future plans to support both these sims.”