Mutley's Easter Bunny Air Rally (MEBAR) 2017

Just a (late) heads up for this year’s MEBAR.

The Rally is a VOR/NDB navigation challenge in single or twin prop aircraft.
I will be flying the Pipistrel Panthera in X-Plane 11. I had to modify the test flight a bit due to a VOR issue – and I’m prepared for the same type of issue in the rally flights. The short of it is that XPLANE doesn’t have a VOR that FSX does have.

If you wish, you can enter multiple aircraft in the Rally by registering multiple times. I may enter the Carenado PC-12 into the event, but had some issues on the test flight.

There is a short test flight followed by 5 flights in various conditions. Timing of the test flight is used to generate a target time for the 5 rally flights.

Go here and check it out and join in the fun! Mutley’s Easter Bunny Air Rally (MEBAR) 2017.

First PIREP due date is tomorrow, April 14.

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