New computer nod of approval


You can replace the standard HDD with an equivalent size SATA SDD for ~$250 now.

I haven’t had a lot of problems using a 4TB USB 3.0 drive for general file access, though I use that as my backup drive. The weak spot remains the NVMe SSD and HDD and I’m not fond of the 2666MHz speed on the memory, nor of the PSU, but they’ll still work.

Important thing is whether it works for you!



X-Plane, as you say, is drag and drop.

DCS is pretty much the same. I moved the files and ran the repair function on Skatezilla’s app. You will have to re-enter the registration codes for those modules you have that still use them.

P3D - this is the perfect time to make the 100% X-Plane commitment… :wink:

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Suxors - my new computer order has been cancelled by the vendor (Mobile Advance)…

“We apologize, but we cannot expedite the shipment of your order any sooner. MSI has also just informed us today that the shipment will be further delayed until April due to their shortage on their PSU part. Unfortunately, due to this unforseen delay, we will have to cancel your order. We will also be sending you a complimentary MSI gaming bundle Loot Box as an apology for this inconvenience.”


Wow, talk about a buzz kill. :cry:



Don’t they know who’s order they just cancelled…? Want me to tell ‘em?

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Going to attempt to reorder through another vendor. :nerd_face:


Is the PSU a rare one or something? Nice they send something anyway. Report back on Loot Box opening, perhaps twitch stream it yo! :slight_smile:

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Is it yo? I thought it was bro? Bro seems very popular these days bro.

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Gender neutral tho dude!


CyberPower, IBuyPower and even Dell/Alienware do build nice systems, but with a price premium.

Way cheaper to buy parts and build yourself.


I feel bad since I evidently got the last PSU part…sorry. :wink:

I’ve had great experiences with Jetline Systems, especially their support. After about a year I had to clean up my FSX install and redo the overclocking - both a bit off kilter but some “tweaking” I had made. They remotely logged in with me on the phone and spent a couple hours patiently going through everything and getting the system back up to speed.

…and then a year later a cat knocked a glass of water into it and fried the motherboard…but that’s another story, altogether. :astonished:

(5 Mudspike points for all who aurally or mentally said, “That’s another story”)

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So I got excited…a big Amazon box on the front step…could it be the new computer?? So excited to open it…


Careful with the water cooling on those…

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Good news is they are safe to like 230C or something…so I can definitely overclock it…


My free MSI Loot Box came in courtesy of the vendor who cancelled my order. To be honest, it was a nice gesture on their part…


I’ll take the dragon…


That’s a nice looking headset, especially when it’s free!


I’m ready to load my entire Steam library. (Or Ortho for Australia…probably take up about the same space :joy:)


Yeah…don’t do that! Not unless you want to spend an hour downloading updates every time you open Steam, that is.

Having games installed I’m ignoring for long periods of time is just a drain on bandwidth. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of games installed right now, over a dozen, but keeping them around after I finish them or won’t be touching them for months just doesn’t make sense.

I guess you could disable auto updating, but then you could suffer the opposite way when you want to play and find you have a multi-GB update waiting first. :frowning: