Of flying with dad and digital pilot logbooks

Thanks for everyone’s replies. They were insightful and certainly heart-rending from @BeachAV8R, adding perspective to our lives and professions.

After mulling over what’s available and watching a few good YouTube videos on the subject, embedded EFB logbooks, with a paper backup for endorsements and memorabilia, seem the way to go. Convenient entry, portability, and continuous backup in the digital version, endorsements and anything else needing a signature in a paper version.

Probably the next question is which EFB. ForeFlight seems to be the most popular, but I admit really liking what I see from Garmin too, especially if I were flying aircraft using their equipment. But that decision is a few months away, and given that I will need to do data entry of my current logbook into a CSV formatted spreadsheet at a minimum, I’ve begun entering it into FltPlan Go’s eLogbook, admittedly a time consuming process. I debated just creating a “to date” entry and importing it, but actually it’s been a fun process working through the fights. Gosh, that was a long time ago. Page 1 complete. Hmm, 3 x CFIs in the first 15 hours. I hope that I wasn’t scaring them too badly :laughing:

For those of you not familiar with FltPlan Go, now owned by Garmin, it has basic EFB functionality, including flight planning with weather and filing, geo referenced maps, plates, and airport diagrams. It’s free, supported by various aviation and airport vendors. It’s cross platform in iOS, Android, and web versions. No instrument functionality, so it will not replace your six pack. It will accept data from MSFS and XP. How it looks on my iPhone…