Official 5th Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight - discussion thread

Good to hear that! It reminds me that I am also lost somewhere between Australia and Japan.

Wondering if I will finish this year… maybe using this particular rule I can make it eventually :smile:

“…or just do the takeoff and landing – there really are no rules – just have fun!”

But as a side note. I have one particular idea for some recurring ‘event’.
One thing resonates on this ‘half globe’ Annual Flights - we are not enjoying too much the particular places and airports we are flying over. We just arrive, stay ‘over night’ and continue until we reach our final destination…

…how about something like " Fly with me from ‘insert your airport here " !?

It could be along the lines of Dangerous Airports but not sorely focused on the ‘dangerous’ or ‘approach’ ( not excluding it oc ) but more on the airport and the surrounding area. If there is an airport / area you know or like and you want to share it with others that would be it.

Something similar was already here but with more focus on the ‘approach’ part :

This new recurring event could be more laid back, with longer periods between each new airport focus ( 1 month ? / 2 months ? ), without any direct challenges. So people will have time to download ( freeware/payware ) what is available for that particular airport / area and enjoy flying there for some time with their actual favourite aircraft, sharing pics etc.

Pls let me know your concerns :slight_smile:

PS: oc cross platform, even DCS only pilots can have favourite airport which can be cool to check in eg. XP or P3D ( not that much vice versa :wink: )