Oh My - I am considering going with an AMD system

i upgraded from a 2nd Gen FX8350 to a Ryzenn 2700X and 32GB of ram.

Literally zips thru everything.


This generation seems to be blowing intel out of the water, also with gaming. AMD has really upped their game, and they are pretty much a step ahead when it comes to nm size compared to intel and bringing a new modular architecture to the table which seems to be doing them a lot of good.


Gah, just when I thought I had finally decided what my next PC will be…
I’ll wait for the RTX2070Super and then evaluate again.

What I’m curious about is stability and heat. My old AMD stuff had a tendency to run hot and have stability issues, especially with the ATi cards.


I didn’t do an exhaustive search, but it doesn’t appear to be blowing it out of the water. AMD is behind Intel on nearly all of these gaming benchmarks. For the price, to be that close to Intel is a great deal. If you are on a budget I don’t know why someone WOULDN’T use AMD. If you use the CPU for something other than gaming there is probably more reason to get the AMD with more cores.

Competition like this will be good for us all regardless of which side of the Mason-Dixon you live on.


I can tell you what happened,

AMD Bet on More Cores and CMT Taking Over and got lazy with the initial Design of the FX Series, Those shortcomings (And Shared Resources) in the Core Modules were not able to be fixed with no amount of tweaks and fixes. The Architecture had to be scrapped and re-done, so to make up some revenue they kept the manufacturing going and just dumped the price, after all it was “still decent” at some things.

During that time, AMD Pretty much fired everyone from top to bottom, and re-started aggressive R&D, the Zen Architecture was developed by an entirely new team at AMD, Led by JIM KELLER, who has NEVER designed a Architecture that flopped.

Keller Returned to AMD to Lead the Team in the Architecture Development of K12/Zen. Once it was finished and begun initial Prototypes/Engineering Samples, he left AMD Again.

Keller also Designed or was Involved in every AMD Architecture that went toe to toe with Intel.

He Left for Apple After the K8, and AMD Allowed the Internal R&D Team to Choose the path that led to Bulldozer/Piledriver.

AMD Invested Heavily in Rebuilding R&D During the time. Which has paid in Dividends in the CPU Market already, as well as the Custom Processor Market.


everything is compiled on Intel’s x86/64 Compiler… just sayin’

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I would say that the 7nm process AMD has has probably helped a lot with lowering the cost and the power usage and given them a competitive advantage.

Yeah. They realized that they were likely on the edge of losing the business and needed to seriously refocus.

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So I bit the bullet and replaced an aging i5 4670K that I had overclocked to 4.2ghz with a new Ryzen 3700X
AsRock x570 MB
32GB Corsair 3200 RAM
kept my PNY and Sandisk SSD
Toshiba 5TB storage and
Geforce 1080 FE

So far I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t bother with the included air cooler and just hooked up the Corsair AIO that I had previously used to keep the 4670k cool. 32-35C idle, highest I’ve seen under load thus far is 65C. The AMD Performance Boost Override default on the MB seems to work pretty well, keeping most of the 8 cores at or near the boosted spec of 4.3ghz any time its actually doing work. I haven’t done any thorough testing, but it is without a doubt faster than my old i5. I run triple screens at 5670x1080 and in a quick test yesterday was averaging 65-85 fps on the PG map of DCS with the standard “high” settings, and never dropped below the vsync capped 60 fps in IL2 GB on the “high” preset. For comparison my overclock i5 typically ran 40-60 ish, dropping into the occasional 20’s with similar settings. Haven’t had a chance to hook up the Rift to see how VR changes things, but I imagine that it will be a similar improvement. For a midlife upgrade, I am pleased with the boost in performance that cost me less than $700 USD.

UserBenchmarks: Game 113%, Desk 100%, Work 108%
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - 110.7%
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 - 124.5%
SSD: PNY CS1311 240GB - 70.9%
SSD: SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB - 68.1%
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 2TB - 110%
HDD: Toshiba MD04ACA500 5TB - 89.6%
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 C16 2x16GB - 89.1%
MBD: Asrock X570 Steel Legend


Seems like you were bottlenecking that 1080 a little bit. Good work on the upgrade, time to unleash all that power now! :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking about it as well, since my CPU and mobo are from 2011 (i5 2500k). Unsure though if it is really worth it or if the money isn’t still better spent upgrading my aging 970. I think that the 3.5Gb VRAM are really starting to be a problem.

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You’ll want both. My old build was the same vintage - an i7-2600 (non-K). The CPU made a big difference as I couldn’t overclock to compensate for the age of the CPU and improvements to DCS.

My graphics card went from a 3GB 660ti last summer (before I swapped the cpu/mobo/ram) to a 1070ti 8Gb which makes a make difference, but the i7’s core running DCS was maxed out.

Current system loads are 20GB RAM usage, and 7.9GB vram at 80-100% GPU load. I don’t pay much attention to CPU load on my 9900k but I can check next time I fly. CPU barely scratches 40°C though with a H150i Pro, and I can stream/record at the same time without issue.

To compare the i7-2600 has a single thread rating of 1938 to the 9900k’s 2898. My graphics settings nearly match those posted by Wags.

Lol, I just opened this site, and then scrolled down to see where my current i5-4670 is. Rank 182!!! :smiley: :smiley:

According to that ranking, a new top level CPU would give me 1,5 times the single core performance (ranking somewhere at 380). Decisions, decisions.

No hurry though, I’ll at the very least sit this out until they have fixed the linux boot loop issue.

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Ok - first off, sorry that I’ve been AWOL. I’m planning a move to Reno, NV, and @BeachAV8R, I may be calling for some flying lessons; I’m trying to get my Class A medical but I’m in a holding pattern until September. We’ll see.

But -

I have a client who works for AMD in Austin, in the Tech Department, and he insisted that I wait until 7/7. I already have a 2700X system that works incredibly well, and I built one for my dad, who uses detailed X-rays and MRI’s on a 6-screen system.

I went in this morning to Micro Center in Richardson, TX and placed an order for the following:

  • AMD 3950X
  • 4x8gig at 3600
  • Crosshair VIII
  • 240 CPU Cooler
  • AMD 5700 XT
  • 2X 1T PCI 4.0 SSD’s
  • and W10Pro.

This is going in to an existing box and 750 power unit.

I’m going to have Adnan (guy-in-back) do the install for me, since Lord knows I’d blow it up or bend a pin somewhere, and they’ll include the 2-year warranty when they do it.

Whole thing will be less than $2000.

Brain surgery begins either tomorrow or Saturday. So, we’ll see.

I’ll have them take a ton of photos and I’ll share them as well as the benchmarks when it is ready.

Wish us luck!


This is figuratively speaking, right?


Geez sobek!
I prit near fell off my chair :grin: :rofl:

I went from 15 FPS in VC1 Video with my FX CPU to 90 FPS VC1 Video on my Ryzen 2700X.

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I was honestly concerned there for a moment, tbh.


Luckily for me I get a Ryzen II upgrade for free when I choose to do it, but I have to buy the 500 series board, haha.

Also alot of my games load levels incredibly fast and I still have them on my WD Black 640GB drive instead of the SSD.