Oh My - I am considering going with an AMD system

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Anybody tried the new RX 5600 XT? I’m wondering how well it fares in DCS in 1080p or 1920x1200. If only it had 8 gigs of VRAM, this would be the perfect card for me, but i fear that the reduced VRAM could be an issue especially with DCS requirements.

5600XT is a striped 5700 GPU,

Same was the 7870XT was a striped 7900 GPU.

So your getting a 5700 with a smaller memory bus and less memory, and slower memory.

The vBIOS update helps some, but not all cards get that update

Youd be better off spending the extra $40 on a 5700, and get the 256 Bit Memory interface (vs 192 bit) and full 8GB ( vs 6GB) of 14Gbps ram (vs 12 Gbps). Higher boost Speeds and more OC headroom

But more TDP as well. I’d like to stay in the same 150W class as my current 970 if possible. The new BIOS version puts it only slightly above that while the 5700 sits at 180W.

it would peak at 180 in benches but normal use it would never get there unless reaaally pushed.

5600XT is the same chip, your just handicapping yourself thru memory bus, bandwidth and qty.

if anything you can undervolt the 5700

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Read some tests that it averages @~175W during gaming. Undervolting could be an option, yes. But maybe i’ll sit it out until there’s more movement in the GPU market, after all i still haven’t updated my CPU and mid 2020 Intel is supposed to enter the arena which could drive prices down a bit.

56/57 could drop when 58/59 Launches later as well.

could also consider a 2060 KO.

It has never really been the AMD Chips, Chipsets’ or hardware that has been the issue with AMD based hardware .

It is now, as it has seemingly been from day one with AMD products, The Drivers. While much improvement has been made in many ways with their drivers , overall most every issue you may have with them is driver based in nature.

I have always liked RADEON GPUs due to the exceptional graphic quality they have always possessed . They are not as fast as a Given Nvidia Card, but they are fast enough that 90% their owners could nor would ever really be able to tell a major difference.

BUT … the drivers were and still are a major issue for them. I have owned both CPU and GPU products from ATI , and liked them. Yet for high end gaming rigs I either build for others or have owned myself, its INTEL/Nvidia for the reassurance of 100% compatibility (or dang near) with any thing I upgrade to, or the like.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying do NOT buy/build a ATI based system, just providing you with my view and experience from the last 25 + years of Online Gaming.