Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...

I’ll try VR with the latest drivers tonight. Have not seen any of that behavior with the SO, but do remember that sometimes driver updates would kill the Rift.

Is the light in your room ok? I wonder if the O+ is losing tracking if too dark or reflections?

I’d been having this issue before NVidia driver update.

The room is very well lighted. And I tried to keep the controllers both in the view of the headset. No luck.

Oh well, maybe I will try to reinstall Steam. Since it’s happening in all 3 simulators, I suspect it’s something to do with SteamVR or WMR portal.


Got my Widmo lenses yesturday and I love them. No more contact lenses


I’m fairly new to flight sims and VR. I picked up the O+ and am taking it slowly as the motion sickness has been pretty nasty. What should I expect for FPS? It looks good, but I’m seeing 45-50 FPS in DCS on low settings. On the 1920X1080 monitor I get 100FPS on the highest graphics settings.

  • I7-6700K @ 4 GHZ
  • 32 Gb Ram
  • GTX 1070
  • Samsung 850 for Win10 & DCS/IL-2

Also any tips on how to beat the motion sickness? I’m just taking it in small bits for now.


Motion sickness is very unpleasant, but keep at it just as you are now. Just build up your time ‘under the hood’ a little bit at a time. You should find that you will soon be able to endure longer sessions. Definitely end a session if you start to feel the onset of feeling queezy.

As for getting the best performance out of your O+, @fearlessfrog helped me out with this just the other day…

On top of what Fearless said, you should enable reprojection for WMR.
Here is a link to a post on the ED forums that shows how to do that…


I hope that helps, and welcome to Mudspike!


Welcome @Yooper,
I just followed the instructions above and had a little boost in fps and a beautiful experience to boot. The Samsung takes a little extra time and patience to setup but its worth it. As its been said. Take it easy with VR. You will get used to it. BTW, your fps is very good place to start.

Have Fun!

Awesome, thanks folks! If all else I 3D printed an IR headset and will get a TrackIR system rolling. I can do about 5 minutes of gentle, mostly level flight without issue. Any longer than that and I get a strange after feeling. (VR Hangover?) But that’s up from just a couple of minutes so I’m hopeful. It’s just too cool to be able to turn and see things.

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Welcome here @Yooper! Awesome avatar!

Thanks @komemiute! I work in a machine shop and the avatar came from one of the machine tool manuals.


Hehehe in Germany I witnessed the most amazing instructional video ever.
I can’t recall the name but it was this crazy forklift operator.

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“Staplerfahrer Klaus - Der erste Arbeitstag” !!! :smiley:
It is legendary.


Need to find it. We have a fork lift in the brewery and are very careful about who we let drive it. Those things can destroy a warehouse in about 5 mins LOL.

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Add close-caption and auto translate and it’d make a passable safety video.

But, related to the topic, is there a forklift simulator 2019 VR…


YEAH! That’s it! :smiley:

Hey guys,
Just stopping in to say thank you. I got my strap for the O+ today. Along w the Widmo lenses it is a whole newer and better experience.
Thanks to BeachAV8R for the review and encouragement. Great stuff!!!


Yeah…they have transformed the O+ for me. The strap should have been part of the design all along…not sure why product engineering or customer testing doesn’t reveal these things. Spend all that money on the technology and development and then ignore the easy part…really weird.

Yup! So much better. No pressure on my face. I spent two hours in it today. Hard to do before the strap.

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Does it relieve the pressure on your forehead?

Yes, for sure. The difference is night and day. No more Mark’s on my face after playing. Before I felt as if the whole thing was suspended on my forehead. Now it feels more like a hat with a mask on. My head thanks me.

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