Personalised Textures - Data Collection Edition

  1. An American Flag next to “A.R.A —> AERO”
  2. No nose art necessary
  3. One of the old school NASA Dryden research schemes! Preferably the classic white with blue stripe on F-15A’s and F-104’s, but the 80’s schemes are pretty cool too, and they have the awesome red line NASA emblem. Why they ever changed it is beyond me.

  1. Preferably the F-15C. If the F/A-18C comes out between now and then though… :smiley: (Secretly hoping for a surprise DCS F-104 announcement).

This is kind of a big skinning request though- I’ll see if I can find a pre-existing NASA scheme for DCS soon!


@AeroMechanical :smile: A white scheme with some blue stripes is nothing that worries me!
Consider it done.

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Well if that doesn’t worry you… then maybe this does… I have a bit of a request also for the f-18 when it comes out.

I love the 70th anniversary skin of the 77th aussie squad.

1 )Bogusheadbox

  1. Replace the faded “kangaroo in a circle” on the nose with a more vibrant aussie logo

4.) F-18

I know that’s a huge ask and I can go last on any list waiting for the plane to be released. But if its too much of an ask I can maybe come back with something for the shark or pick up the mirage and put an Aussie touch to that. :slight_smile:


LOL…that might need to be my new callsign: Snowflake…


Man…that Aussie skin is gonna look awesome on my six…LOL…

@BeachAV8R Lol, I have to learn how to dogfight first… I like the green , because when I am shot down, nobody will see me in the grass :yum:

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Well, now you know why I’m such a big proponent of ED implementing my biggest wish list item - being able to be picked up after ejection and taken back to base to mount another aircraft. There is a reason I always wear comfortable shoes when I’m flying in DCS…sigh…


I know that they fly the Mudhen IRL, but lacking an E model as canvas, I’d really love to have a 336th F-15C. Many thanks komemiute.

  1. Dan “Chipwich” Blake

  2. A Chipwich is a vanilla ice cream sandwich made with two chocolate chip cookies. My friends began calling me this back in the eighties after noticing that I had the habit of eating one almost every day.

3.Default is fine. 336th emblem on left intake, 4th TFW emblem on right intake. TAC emblem and yellow squadron stipe at the top of the vert stab. Some examples…

4.DCS, F-15C

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I’ve been known to demolish a couple Chipwiches in one sitting. Delicious… By the way, if you are as outraged as I am that Nestle no longer makes a true “Chipwich”…I’ve been told these taste exactly the same as the old ones…


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Hehehehhe this is pure gold.
Thanks for sharing. :smile:

@Bogusheadbox : well, yeah, that is a funny one! As the Hornet is not really incoming soon- I will second your request and leave you for last. Nothing terrible anyway- I like a little challenge. :slight_smile:


I appreciate what you’re doing for the mudspikers. I already have custom skins for myself and the guys with whom I fly, but since we would like to join in the fly-ins I was wondering if you would be interested in adding them to the package. I have skins for everything except the MiG-15 and C-101, and to keep the list more manageable I could only include the textures of the active members for the airframes you request.

EDIT: If you’re looking for more tactical skins for the missions, I have also personalized many of the skins for default squadrons. Please let me know if you prefer this.



Doesn’t bother me.

Not only is a logical thing to do… It´s also awfully nice! :smiley:


Super cool initiative!
1 - Folkert “French” Dunne

2 - My family’s coat of arms

3 - A Dutch themed skin would be very nice :smiley:

And if possible tail art of the 313 Squadron RNLAF

4 - DCS, M-2000C



Man, we’re going to have a LOT of absolutely gorgeous custom Mirages in the future.


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It’s because I’m ugly- right?

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