Pets of Mudspike

Well, hopefully at least some good memories of old friends. :slightly_smiling_face:


A play in three pictures.

  1. Think I’ll just lay down in front of the fire.

  1. Hey didn’t you forget our dessert treat?

  1. What was that now?


Running in circles; eating snow, is all this pupper’ needs to know! Up to a possible foot of the white stuff, today…


Not so much about pets, this picture was taken as me and the dog left the house to go for a walk, and found these youngsters giving us the stink eye


What species?

We get a lot of Fallow deer around here. They are actually a problem.

But we also regularly see Red deer and I swear I have seen a Sambar up in the high country around here; but when I try to tell that to the locals they say that we are too far North and either “I shouldn’t be drinking when I’m out shooting” or “It was probably just a big Red Stag”.


Well, these guys/gals? are Northern White-Tailed Deer’s :deer:

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There’s a herd of about 6 or 7 who travel along the creek behind our house- we see them behind the fence in the yard pretty regularly, and sometimes walking across our front yard. They know the dog can’t get to them, and it’s pretty funny to watch them just stare at him while he paces and whines.


As a general rule, after all this time, Sammy really couldn’t possibly care less about Deer. They stand at full alert, with shields up and phasers at full power, braced for evasive maneuver’s as he ignores them while sniffing for a good place to pee.

The only time that really differed much was when a Doe plopped down pretty much right at the edge of the bushes by the house and decided that would be a good place to have her babies.

Sam was like “WTF! Really, guys?”. and paid very close attention while the babies plopped out, then eventually wobbled to their feet later in the day, before they and mommy tottered off…