Pilot Question(s) from a new DCS User

Do turn up, do get involved, do ask questions

Don’t shoot missiles when it’s guns only.

Don’t get upset when you get smashed out the sky by @schurem

Easy rules :wink:


Oh oh! I have a don’t for you @EasternSnap

Don’t be the guy that jettison the ordnance of his Warthog while taxiing, killing his buddies.
By mistake. Twice in a row.

Because I usually am that guy.

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Paging @tempusmurphy and @Mace for confirmation…



:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


How I felt

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How it looked

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I thought the only rule of Fight Club is ‘Don’t talk about Flight Club’… :upside_down_face:
Although in this case I guess it’s probably ok. :sunglasses:


So far it’s been my thing.

Yeah, sometimes we start in the afternoon, but usually evenings. I have children :wink:

Heh, it’s not that much of a happening that you’d want to take time off from work for it. I know I won’t.

Being a complete noob is not a bad thing per se. No bad habits to unlearn. Just make sure you have buttons bound for your machines so you can operate the things. Knowing how to do basic things helps but isn’t mandatory. We’ll have you up to speed in no time flat.

This is the thread you seek:

It has some AAR banter. The top post I keep updated with pertinent info. Everybody’s welcome, its all about fun, and maybe learning and training, but mostly having a good time with the mates.


That would be awesome if you are available to join Chuck.

I am so happy I made an account here!
Already met @Victork2 that will be a RIO in the F-14 with me and had the opportunity to say thank you to @Chuck_Owl for the guides.

If you folks have any computer related questions / IT issues that you need help with; please feel free to reach out to me so that I can give back.

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@Victork2 Do’s and Don’ts - got it. Thanks for clarifying bud!

@schurem I have been looking for an excuse to take off Friday lately, I have had it with work for a while now. Need a Friday to myself once in a while :laughing:

Got it, good to know my point of contact for Flightclub if I need to reach out for anything.

Sounds good to me. I don’t have any kids, I am just a 30 year old falling in love with airplanes. My time zone is GMT -7. So if it is held at 20:00 CEST, then it is 11:00AM here for me in LA.

Good point regarding bad habits to unlearn. Well I know how to start the plane all by myself, take off and land. I can sometimes land after taking a lot of battle damage or when systems shut down (most exciting landings lol).

I have been practicing using GBU-54B / 38, & 31’s. CBU-105’s (I don’t bother with other CBU’s so far) all in CCRP. Mainly CAS stuff I guess. I need way more practice for the CCIP modes (because I don’t know how to handle AA shooting at me). Yesterday I had written two pages of notes for my CMS training after I decided I had enough with not knowing what my RWR(?) was trying to tell me. Guns is something I probably had the least amount of practice with, this is why I don’t want to miss out on Fightclub :smiley:

Thank you for relating the thread Schurems!

Well, a sidewinder and the gun pipper on your eagle are pretty simple tools compared to operating a gbu-31 properly. Getting into position to do the deed, now that’s different. But we’ll get you some dance moves baby, dontcha worry.


LOL!! Good news is I haven’t learned how to jettison ordnance …yet :smiling_imp:

@Mace :joy::joy::joy:

What is ‘Fightclub’?? :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you are saying.
I guess I have stuck with CCRP because it has been the safest way for me to carry my tasks so far.
Once I become a better pilot, maybe the guns will be more effective.
(this is why I like joining regular MP maps that only have you flying around in formation too).

Regarding the GBU or CBU’s;
My questions arise on what altitude I should drop these types of bombs usually.
Am I flying too high at 20k feet in an A-10? Am I dropping the bomb too low at 7000 ft? stuff like that.
Should I always be full throttle when bombing, should I fly slower?

Then I am learning why I maybe shouldn’t cruse so high up because these dang SAMs are DESTROYING me… I want to land my plane and punch the SAM operator in the face sometimes… poor AI LOL


Hey I start to like this guy. :rofl:


20k is fine for guided bombs. The constraints are tpod resolution really, and irl strong winds might blow a laser guided bomb so much off course it might miss the cone where it can guide on the laser (the basket). 7000ft is kinda low, you are right in the envelope for almost anything bad, from flak to man portable missiles to hard core SAMs like the SA-11. Better to stay way above the small stuff and let the boys with the HARMs take care of the big stuff.

Speed doesn’t matter much. Faster is better for range. Also makes you a slightly harder target.

Now CBU and gun are a different story. Those are visually aimed weapons, tpod is hardly any use there. So terrain, surprise and luck are all you have to keep your bird in one piece.

Mud moving is fun, and there’s a lot of science to it. But if you really want to push yourself as an aviator, try and be a fighter pilot. Shoot things that fly


Control W… or was it … shift W … :laughing:


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And then again…just to make sure… :joy:



There is a reason that real world, the attack profiles got lower and lower the better and better SAM’s got. The B-1, Tornado, Viggen, etc all we’re designed to go stupid fast and stupid low to solve some of those problems.


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I see. Interesting point, I just started reading into SAMs because I don’t know jack about those yet. There seems to be a GEN1 and GEN2 systems of SAMs. Is there a GEN3 and if so is there one in DCS?

I have no clue if there’s an official gen 1/2/etc breakdown. I’d say the early cold war, late cold war, and modern SAM systems is probably a pretty good way to break them down. The SA-10 and SA-15 I’d put into the modern SAM category and are as deadly as one would expect. The late cold war systems deployed in volume can also be extremely bad news.