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Asobo REALLY squashed the simconnect performance bug with the latest patch. I loaded up Pilot2ATC on my little floaty monitor with as close to zero impact on framerate as you can get …


This guy does a nice job of explaining Pilot2ATC with FS2020 …


It works pretty well. Nice to see the real world traffic from MSFS in it. Going to try a flight tonight.

Instructions plus the link to a FSUIPC that works here:

Copied in-case they nuke it, because sometimes they do:

To use P2A with MSFS 2020, you must install the latest FSUIPC7 beta. The process to do that has been simplified, so here are the steps that worked for me:

Setting Up FSUIPC for MSFS 2020

  • Download FSUIPC v7 beta . This link has details and a link to the software: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/90193-fsuipc7-beta-for-msfs/
  • Unzip the FSUIPC7 file to a folder of your choice. It does not need to go into a subfolder of MSFS.
  • If you are a current user of FSUIPC and have customized files from release version of FSUIPC, you can copy the files like (FSUIPC.ini, .lua,.dll etc files to the new folder)

You have now installed FSUIPC7 and should not have to do the above steps again.

Now, each time you start MSFS and want to use P2A with it, you should do the following

  • Start MSFS and also start FSUIPC7
  • Turn off ATC in MSFS so it doesn’t interfere with P2A
  • After MSFS is completely up and running, start Pilot2ATC

Settings to Turn Off in MSFS

The following settings should be turned off in MSFS so its features do not interfere with Pilot2ATC:

Options → Assistance->Piloting->Delegate ATC To AI - OFF
Options → Assistance->Navigation Aids->Route & Waypoints - OFF
Options → Assistance->Navigation Aids->Taxi Ribbon = OFF
Options → Assistance->Navigation Aids->Landing Path - OFF
Options → Assistance->User Experience->ATC UI Panel Open at Start - OFF
Options → Assistance->User Experience->Show Message Log in ATC Menu- OFF
Options → Assistance->User Experience->ATC Voices - OFF

Have Fun!


Not related to Pilot2ATC so much as just a story from me flying MSFS last night. I don’t know why this tickled me so much…but it did. I was just tooling around PDX in my Cessna messing with graphics settings and I heard an Alaska Air get told by the tower to go-around. He replied…commenced his go around…and tower told him to contact approach on XXXX. I flipped my radio and hear him check in on the missed approach…and he started receiving instructions to come back around for the localizer to 21 or whatever it was. Just kind of neat to hear the continuity of the transmissions.


It is neat, a sort of interesting clockwork state machine.

The biggest MSFS issue, and one that I hope they tweak as they have been updating ATC as they go along, is that it takes a glacial ice age for the AI to taxi off the active runway. Because of that it causes the real life spacing to screw up, and causing very frequent go-arounds. Because it then switches that go around (which landed in real life) from a real life aircraft track to a AI track, it then just compounds the inbound jam and gets worse and worse. I think the brakes on the AI just seem wrong, as it always goes long when landing or very slow taxi speed, compared to reality.

The other ATC/Weather/Traffic (they all belong together as a working system really) would be it the ability to close a runway or control the active runway direction in the sim. MSFS just uses the weather direction, meaning direction switches happen differently from the real world. An example would be CYVR where the 13/31 is almost never used, unless 8L/R get like a 20+ kts crosswind. In MSFS, it’ll switch to it and screw up the taxi paths etc when the wind just tweaks a bit.

Still, what they have is pretty neat already.

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Ah…I wasn’t aware that was all going on. Might need to “cull” the traffic at some point…just have some of the enroute traffic disappear. Although if they are based on real world flight schedules, that could be kind of weird too.

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See, I came up with the solution (to clear the active faster decades ago) - Tail hooks! Proven tech; lotsa navy guys with know-how, etc, etc. Just have to turn the seats around in the cabin is all.

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Reporting back, as it was interesting to see the difference between stock MSFS ATC and what Pilot2ATC does (well, interesting is probably a strong word in this case :laughing:)

  • I Simbrief’d a flight up from good ol CYVR to KSEA (again) and put a cold and dark mod’d A320 at a gate.

  • I started MSFS with a new FSUIPC7 icon that the installer put on my desktop, that runs the FSUIPC exe and starts the sim. Once at the gate in the sim, I started Pilot2ATC. All seemed ok.

  • All not really ok. The A320 isn’t recognized, so I needed to flip the ‘Ignore Avionics’ button in the PIlot2ATC config page. That helped get me ‘connected’.

  • I could have exported the Simbrief .PLN file and loaded it into Pilot2ATC but that would have been smart, and since the flight was so short I just recreated it that side.

  • The A320 transponder didn’t get recognized (I think the stock aircraft are fine in this, plus I haven’t updated my Pilot2ATC yet, can’t face that website) so I clicked on the transponder ‘Mode’ label at the top info line of the app to activate it - that worked.

  • I turned off the ATC voice and any helpers on the MSFS side.

  • I noted the ATIS down carefully (not really, something about cloudy) and then switched over to Delivery and mumbled in with a hot mic ‘Westjet 11 ready to copy IFR’ and Pilot2ATC (P2A) woke up and replied. I mumbled back a lot of what it said and it came back ‘You sound drunk, open your mouth properly when you speak and try again’. It didn’t actually do that, but I did quickly flip the ‘Co-pilot radio replies’ in the P2A config to save some mumbling. I had the ‘auto switch frequencies’ on as well, as I’m not insane.

  • The taxi routing was better, as it called me to a halt point, Nice!

  • Take-off directions from Tower were much improved, in that it asked me to stay on runway heading until 1000 ft and then vectored me to the first fix on the flight plan. Much better than MSFS stock, as that tends to ignore take-off navigation, and you see huge jets doing swooping turns as soon as they are off the deck, which isn’t realistic.

  • I miss hearing ATC tell off the AI for doing things wrong like in MSFS stock. P2A just talks back/forth with me, so there is a lack of chatter (I don’t like the ‘play random chatter from this file’ things people buy). I guess I could put on Airport Detail: CYVR | LiveATC.net although as the live traffic in MSFS is delayed by up to 10 mins, it would be weird around the airport.

  • The climb up went better than MSFS, in that the steps were larger and came way before they were needed. MSFS tends to clear you to climb to 15,000 ft from 12,000 ft only when you get to 11,950 ft, meaning you’ve lost vertical speed and it feels dumb.

  • With the STAR coming up, and not much going on, I asked P2A for descent and it said ok and then cleared me all the way down to 4000 ft in the JAWBN6 STAR. This is hugely better than MSFS, as the arrival process tends to be traumatic, in that it’ll recognize your distance too late and then want to reroute you back to the beginning of the filed STAR - meaning you have to anticipate the stupidity and do a DIR to a waypoint more appropriate - feels like you’re fighting the dumb computer (hint: you are).

  • KSEA had a lot of real traffic yesterday evening, like a wall of aircraft all approaching the three 34 runways in a parallel. P2A didn’t really try to sequence me in, and just gave a lot of panicked ‘traffic!!’ calls, where I had to reply with a ‘Yes, I also have that traffic in sight, just like the other 10 times you’ve now asked me in the space of 30 seconds’. P2A can’t really cope with a very busy parallel approach pattern. On retrospect I should have just did a HOLD at AKLIA myself and waited for things to die down, but was curious on what would happen. I imagine good sequencing is a hard problem for a $50 program to solve, so not really surprised.

  • P2C vectored me beautifully on to the 34R ILS Z from a 180 turn (in two steps, nice!), and the A320 settled in comfortably downwards hands off. I made the call to tower ‘Established on the localizer’ and P2A still sort of got very nervous by the two planes also on approach on my left and kept giving traffic calls. It’ll be ok P2A, deep breaths.

  • Landing was frustrating as I got a go-around call as inevitably the MSFS AI lazed around like beached whales on my runway. I think it might even have been something crossing rather than just rolling out like it had treacle on its wheels. KSEA taxing is always an adventure with the 3 runways, but MSFS sort of treats it like a Mad Max sequel (and not one with Tina Turner in a cage, a bad one).

  • Like a truly professional pilot, focused on both safety and realism, I ignored the go-around and plonked it down anyway. The culprit was actually not that close. I gave a guilty ‘Um, Clear of active’ call but P2A just sulked and ignored me. Apparently ‘I never listen’, so a box of chocolates via Amazon Prime is on the way. We’ll be good.

  • Ground taxi to the gate was good, about the same as MSFS. Because I arrived on the runway closest to the terminals I didn’t get a chance to see if it held, but I suspect it would.

So all in all, better than MSFS, and fun to talk into the mic sometimes. The best thing that could happen to P2A is that it talked to the AI, even if just a bit high level pretend stuff, as that would put the cherry on the ATC cake as otherwise it’s too quiet.

I’m not sure I’ll bother to use this, as the MSFS ATC is like 70% there, but when I can be bothered it is good to know it all works.

PS Yes, VATSIM is good.


Do they even bother to ever change the SEA ATIS? :rofl:

That is a nice feature.

Good call. Chili’s closes at 11PM…the go around can cause you to miss a burger.


I feel the best thing the MSFS ATC team could do is just expose it all via API and then the modders have at it. If there’s one thing this sim has proved is that there’s an absolute army of people willing to hack away and improve stuff for free (and because they love doing it). Weather, traffic, ATC all exposed via a javascript API would be fantastic, and has to be the way to go.

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ORBX and the like have some serious competition. This is interesting to watch evolve.

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I’ve always (secretly?) wished E.D. would understand this, at least with maps. And maybe expose the AI (depends on the model they used)