PIMAX Artisan

for now I can say that the build quality is very good. didnt find any cosmetic defects yet and the overall aesthetic feeling of the thing is good.

it all works just fine together with the kdmas audio strap. and as mentioned the connection of the kdmas to the HS is also very clever - one 3.5 jack for each headphone.
what other thing I appreciate on the audio strap is the main cable management. really clever imo. will post pics soon

it is all plastics though and therefor feels little fragile. and the smell of the new plastic and cushions is horrible :slight_smile:

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Artisan should be better than old 5k + etc series , those crakked etc after some while.

Smell, well its from china so its bit like new car smell but not quite same :smiley:

How do you find colors ? artisan colors should be better than in old pimax headsets.


Hopefully it will stay in one piece :slight_smile:

Regarding the colors. I need to describe little my background. I use, for some time now, LG TV and its GAME mode picture quality. And as this mode is not that vibrant as other modes are I wasnt disappointed with the Artisan colors quality. I find them very good. But as you made the picture already, I am no hard core in this regard.

The same goes for audio. Despite the KDMAS headphones are meant to be used with the soft earcups and as on-ear speakers I use them without the earcups and as off-ear speakers just like on Index :slight_smile: so again, no audiophile here.
I just wants to be connected with my surrounding at least through the ears and wants to here the ambient sounds produced by my house :slight_smile:

Here some additional pictures. HS with KDMAS, and WinChip processor for scale

Main cable management (is directed nicely around the strap) and the KDMAS left earphone connection to the HS


OK, some additional info. as I already mentioned, for now I am using single HTC base station 2.0 for tracking. unfortunately Artisan and 8KX headsets users (including myself) reportedly experience picture jitter. picture is slightly shaking left-right, front-back.

I didnt have any luck yet with the pimax support troubleshooting. I flashed the headset with recommended fw, I have checked all the possible interference but nothing helped yet.

community hive brain is suggesting two approaches

  1. downgrade the lighthouse tracking from single 2.0 base station to single 1.0 base station. it should solve the jittering but the tracking is even then not perfect in comparison to previous pimax headsets or e.g. Vive Pro
  2. acquire 1.0 base station, do the headset calibration with HTC tools and headset should then be good to go also with the 2.0 base station

so I really dont know what to do next, whether to wait for the support if they would come with some solution, or to go buy 1.0 base station…

…and then, there are posts like these

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now the question is, did I become real VR enthusiast in that short period of time of owning this headset to be bothered with all this or I will just fold down and return it taking advantage from Amazon 30days return policy !? :slight_smile:




I know I didnt post too many of my experiences with the Artisan yet

two reasons, its still love-hate relationship - one day I want to keep it the other day I want to return it :slight_smile: and didnt have enough time yet to test properly

so I had remote session with Pimax support to solve the picture jitter I experience with my hs. the session wasnt successful, maybe I even feel that it is little worse than before.

my support ticket was forwarded to after-sales team so I am curious how this will be handled further.

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and the final wrap up

Artisan is reboxed (hope that is a word) and ready to be returned. sry no pictures :slight_smile:

‘why’ you can ask? first of all, the jitter picture issue I had (and many other Pimax users reports) with single base station 2.0.
some say that two base stations 2.0 will provide better tracking or single base station 1.0. I just wasnt there to test all possible solutions.
again you can ask why?

  • there was no big VR WOW factor for me for some reason, it was cool and new but not worth it with all the tweaking and tuning etc.
  • small sweet spot in general (not that Artisan has smaller sweet spot than competition). I am ready to try VR again once the ‘edge to edge’ clarity will be common feature

in my opinion the Artisan is solid headset for roomscale VR, for the sim VR not that much. I really think that the G2 / 8KX panels clarity can add to the immersion of being there in the cockpit of aircraft or groundcraft or spacecraft.

as mentioned earlier, I am going back to big 4K TV for siming and I feel thats the perfect ‘window’ into simulated reality for me for now.

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