Polychop Talks Futures

Would people like to do the non-flying roles? Make the non-flying roles free2play and I guess yes.

So the owner of the multiseat aircraft will pay for both seats.

Keep in mind that both the '58 and the '64 have dual controls, so it’s not really so much non-flying as it is non-PIC. But I don’t know if DCS has control handoff or anything like that.

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I believe the L-39s do.

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For Gazelle, I think it does, as the ‘A’ key by default claims ‘Pilot in Control’. Hilarity sometimes ensues of course, when it’s not expected. :slight_smile:

This is for sure great in case both owns the module so both can fly it in multicrew.

But in case somebody will not own it will be cool if the guy could jump in and do the non-flying role for you. Like the dual controls would be disabled in that case.

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I think the ‘free seat’ idea is ok if the role isn’t that demanding, as in if you were a Huey gunner or something I could see it. Where you have to act as a weapons officer and learn a bunch of systems to be proficient then I tend to think that the other person should probably just buy the module. If you are prepared to put hours into something then it stretches the ‘it should be free’ bit for me personally.

I’d normally expect that the PIC would be able to yield and take control at will. Can make for fun times in an online game, but accidents have happened in the '64 community over who has control of the aircraft. For the '58, all you need is a “dope slap” button.

There’s actually a greater amount of workload in operating the systems than there is in flying, so maybe flying it should be free instead! But then you have to have a CP/G who paid for it to be able to blow stuff up. :grin:

Awesome choice, hopefully we’ll be able to shoot M4’s out the door in VR!

(removed NSFL video - hope you understand)