PolyChop's Gazelle

You keep adding things to my to-do-list!

I started the Hind “Revanche” campaign last night…but I’ve been reading these Gazelle updates and feel the pull to hop in that little thing too. I’m like a kid in a candy shop.


Well there is a Skill slider in the mission editor for the gunners of Helicopter’crew…

Probably is set to 100% :sunglasses::+1: which I totally support

That’s interesting actually. I chased a Mi-28. My gunner would simply NOT lead his shots. Finally, in what had to be the most ridiculous air battle I’ve ever been in, I was broadside to broadside with the Mi-28, one hundred feet apart and each doing maybe 20 knots, and although my gunner was still lagging the shots badly, he finally hit the tail-rotor.

Actually you were the reason for this post. I was going to put it on the Hind thread where I knew you would see it but that seemed…messy. So, glad it worked anyway!


Appreciate it! Flying around at tree top level in the Gazelle with the door gunner sounds exactly like the kind of shenanigans I like to get up to…and I actually just listened to Casmo’s Low Level Hell podcast where they interviewed Col (ret) Hugh Mills, who is the Low Level Hell book author, yesterday! I should re-read that book, too.


As I mentioned, check in the mission editor the skill slider for gunners.

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I just tried her out last night - just some hovering and a bit of time in the circuit.

Feels very different (in a good way) to how it handled when I last tried, before the FM updates. It is pretty awesome how quickly you can slow down and turn…it clearly weighs a lot less than all the other helicopters in DCS (Kiowa might come close but I don’t have it). I imagine it’ll be a riot to fly once one gets used to it!

I checked out the Rotorheads ping, which was actually okay, so took a Hind up there and ATGM-plinked some BMPs to check things out (can’t start the Gazelle yet so couldn’t do your minigun weaving).


I thought I was safe…I wasn’t… :rofl:

I heard some thumps and scooted away from the first pilot. Thought it was far enough that I could quickly pick up the second pilot instead…but the BMP-1 and his ATGM thought otherwise :smiley:

A little bit before the first hit, you can actually hear the ‘woosh’ of the missile motor and a ‘pop-pop’ of me firing flares, mistakenly thinking that it was a SAM. Obviously didn’t help one bit.


You inspired me to drop my minigun cheat and grab a SA342M (HOT3). Well actually I did start with a minigun which was helpful in that I was able to fly over Azoz and ID everyone within the town as friendly. I pushed my luck chasing a BRDM around some buildings at a village to the west of Azoz and was hit by a missile from an unseen (until too late) BMP. I crashed alive. I then grabbed an -M and flew three sorties that just checked all the boxes. This game can be so bloody great! I took out a T-90, 2 BTMs (both moving fast), 2 BRDMs a Truck and a few more un-ID’d technicals plus some Infantry for a total of 19. Plus saved 2 downed pilots. Two more were running towards me but I started taking AK rounds so I had to leave 'em behind. No room for them anyway. So, so many close calls! Got shaved but unhit by several SAMs. One of those I was head-on and translating left as fast as the Gazelle could go, flaring the whole way. The missile loudly flew a meter or two to my right but didn’t detonate. In real life I would have soiled myself while crying for mom.


Did you do that all alone or did you have a copilot/gunner?

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Alone. I’ve never flown with a human CPG. I should try it. The -M Gazelle is nice because I can fly from the pilot’s seat and easily manipulate the TV sight. The -L uses close-in sight and you need to fly from the left seat to use it. Doable but I like the -M better.


That’s a great post - such good times!

I’m stoked about having a short lull period at work and life - I managed to add the Hind and the Gazelle in my repertoire - and rediscover Rotorheads too (I tried out the server years ago before upgrading my PC but it ran slow for me).

There’s a few things that I really love about flying the Gazelle in combat. One is that, like you said, you start to quickly fly it in a way that really uses the terrain for survival - and it works! She is so little and nimble that cover is everywhere once you start looking. I actually think it is beneficial for flying other helicopters too - in just a few flights, I’ve started to think about masking differently.

The other fun thing about the minigun version is the soundscape (no doors). I didn’t expect it, but I realised that I was reacting to sounds a lot more, and quicker. Great for immersion too.

Ages ago, I ejected from a jet and got to experience a dogfight between two other fighters as a spectator on my way down - and the sounds were amazing: afterburners, guns, explosions. It made me think it’s a bit of a shame that normally, sitting in the cockpit, it is all very clinical and you don’t get to experience the noise. Well, the Gazelle is the opposite - it’s all near misses and booms and dakkadakkas and wooshes!


Wow, I’m impressed!

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I shouid try out Rotorheads too. And the minigun Gazelle. I’m a bit busy this week though. Hopefully next week.