Hell yeah!


Supersonic ballistics modelling… hows that f111 coming along @komemiute. :f111:


For one brief moment I did count my resources and I realised that technically I could make a DCS module.
Maybe I could even make something like a FC3 or Strike Fighters 2 level F-111


So what are you waiting for?

Drop the ballistics game and get working on the flight model already :wink:


I wish- sadly knowing personally the people with the knowledge to perform a task is different than getting the people to work for/with you on something.
Now, if I had 100.000 € in my hands I could probably convince them…


I’ve always questioned the feasibility of spacecraft mounted railguns as in what has made popular in science fiction. IMO, the much feared kinetic bombardment seems unlikely given the yield per lift cost. Perhaps, projectiles could be manufactured off planet on a low gravity moon. But that is just my neophyte view. There is undoubtedly a lot of astrophysics that I don’t understand.


Make KEWs from asteroids - Kenetic Energy Weapons - drop big rocks down onto the planet


“When precision is not as important as making your point reaching across!”


Believe me, nobody understands astral physics. :wink:


Ha! iPhone spell checker, I promise. I met an astrophysicist in a bar in Munich once. After making the mistake of asking a fellow ex-pat what he was doing in the Bavarian epicenter, I let him entertain my girlfriend with tales of the “innumerable cosmos”.