Rant about new cars... or possibly that I am old

He is a Valeting guy so the whole place is like a laboratory. Great guy.


Yesterday my colleague at work came in with an issue with his car, a 2015 Nissan pulsar that wouldn’t go into reverse gear … after consulting one of the mechanics next door and he tried putting it in reverse with the engine off … it worked fine … then he started it up and reversed … no problem.

Today he arrived at the station and told me he couldn’t get into 5th gear… so again the debate about what it could be started… we finally came up with possibly low transmission fluid so we had a look around his car to see where the filling point on the gearbox was… whilst doing this we popped the bonnet… and found two largish bones sat on the battery and several large rat droppings…

It transpired that a rat had got into the engine bay with its dinner and dropped a bone down which got caught between the gearbox case and the linkage arm. It has also had a nibble on part of the loom

Totally blew my mind :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Thats is amazing lee! Not heard of that one before!

I got pushed into a puddle in my hilux a week ago by a lorry that wouldnt give way. Was doing about 60mph

Horrible clanking noise coming from back end. Sounded like it was about to blow a differential. Drove home at 20mph and jacked it up with the raging hump and spun the wheel. Sure enough clank clank clank. Diff blown. ■■■■■■■.

Just about to set about stripping it down on the driveway when i just happened to grab the propshaft and turn it a bit to line the UJ bolts up when i saw the smallest bit of movement behind it and a clank noise.

The bloody end of the exhaust heat shield had bent round slightly from water pressure and was touching the cup of the uj and pinging everytime it rotated. Pushed it back with my pinky finger and presto, 2k diff not required :rofl::rofl:


bloody hell … bet that was a clenched moment when you hit the water … but at least its a good ending :sweat_smile:

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The noise was phenomenal. Over 40mph it sounded genuinely like something was about to explode in a shower of metal and my swearing.

Such a pitifully small piece of thin tin causing it. I was laid on my back just breathing deeply when i realised


I have the opposite story.

A mate was buying a Nissan 240SX that had been motor swapped and some goodies about 3 hours away from home. I drove him down to inspect it, we knew going in that the “motor had a rattle”. Well, it sounded to me like valve clatter, another buddy said rod knock and the buyer said cracked header. We inspect the header and sure enough there’s signs of a bad weld, so perhaps he’s right?

The deal is done and we get on the road home, making it about 15 miles before (I’m behind the new car) I’m pelted with cast aluminum, oil, and billowing smoke.

It was, in fact, a rod knock and grenaded through the block. It was a very, very long night.

The same guy several years before had broken an axle off with the stub frozen in his limited slip differential (Type-R swapped Honda Civic). I ended up sealing up the diff to keep from losing the fluid and he drove a one-wheel drive Civic home.

Ah, the stupidity of youth.