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I see, thanks for the info.

In Armen’s defense, I’d say it’s not always easy to find good testers.
Sometimes they are long time friends or are just grateful to be brought aboard and only say nice things :stuck_out_tongue:

ps: how do I reply to someone?
I mean this:

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Click the reply arrow in their message, not the blue reply button at the bottom of the thread.

Thanks Einstein

EDIT: so, that’s what I just did but it doesn’t show on my screen.
EDIT 2: aaah ok, now I get it

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Note that the extra image/button only shows up if you are replying to an earlier message in the thread.

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Like so.


Aw :frowning:

I don’t get it, I’ve clicked on the “reply” on your message, it even shows up in the upper left

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Highlight the text of the post (or some portion thereof) and select ‘Quote’ or either of the Reply buttons.

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I need to move these posts to #meta.

You have to click the reply button on a post FURTHER UP the message stream. Like back here.

Discourse won’t add the link when replying to the most recent message.

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I clicked reply on @EinsteinEP’s message just above me. There won’t be any icon indicating so, but @EinsteinEP has been informed I had something to say about what he had to say.

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I am now replying to something you have said. An icon will show with Eightball. If you click on that, you can read the actual post I am replying to.

This sort of makes sense. It is natural to expect that the post has something to do with the one above it, so no icons are shown. clicking the icon makes it easier to keep up with the context if you’re just a reader or only indirectly involved with the topic.

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OK, thank you for your time guys.

Let’s try a combo

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And sorry for the mess, that was embarrassing :grin:


LOL not at all! It’s kinda fun to dig into how our forum operates. Until you asked, I had never really thought about when those back-links and images popped up. Now we all know!

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click the quote bubble on the left edge of the toolbar.

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Nope. Like this.

Testing if posts suffer input lag on my phone as the chat does.
Uhm… odd. Apparently not.


OK, now we’re asking about this stuff anyways…
I understand quoting parts of posts, but

won’t work the way I want it to. When I press it, I can only get it to show the first post from the topic:

So, how do I choose which post is quoted using this bubble?