Reporting on board

@Aginor - They surely are.

If only I could speak of the things I’ve seen…

Well, actually, you’ve seen them too, in all the MSFS promotional material… but you know what I mean!

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They are tied to the hip of the squids anyway aren’t they? Like…they are the muscle when things really need to get done… :hammer:


Don’t tease me :wink:

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Ha! I’ll never tell!

Truth is, though, you’ve probably seen more in the promotional videos and screenshots than I’ve seen in the sim. All I’ve been doing is wearing out a groove in a couple of local areas trying to get things to work, and reporting things that don’t yet.

I’m convinced it’s going to be a great experience but to be honest, the things I’ve seen aren’t all that exciting… yet!

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Welcome onboard! :smiley:

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Welcome aboard ! Civilized , much like beauty , is both relative and in the eye of the beholder . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think I take your meaning though, and I can say with no doubts in my mind, you have found exactly what and where, you are looking for .

Cheers !


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this, made me laugh till I could hardly breath !

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Yeah , i get most of my gray trying to keep the wife from killing herself :slight_smile: She thinks building a shelf for a stereo over the pool is a perfectly reasonable idea !


OMG LoL , man I think I know how you can convince here it is not . I know you fully understand that if you tell her that , she will say it is until the end of time it was a great idea . So try this plan

Call your Home Owners Insurance Company and talk to one of your agents there, just make sure it is a man. Tell him and have him get a cost quote for you on that ( or if needs be to make up one thats insanely high) . Most likely if they do not say they will drop you if you do build such a thing, the Rate increase will be so high she will never allow it.

Note , that if she does decide that the insurance increase for it is too high at that very point in time, the idea to have ever built such a thing, will forever more be something you came up and another one of your crazy schemes. :crazy_face:

At no time , will any women I have ever known, especially the one I was married too , ever be accused of being wrong . lol !

HaHa ! Everything has a cost , its a trade off to prove one wrong as she will always turn it around on you . Even then they will never admit it was for one second their Idea first. lmao !

My ex-wife was so good at the ART of doing this type spin when she found out she might be wrong and I might be right , that by the time she sorted it out, she had even convinced herself utterly that it was always me in the wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers !

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Time is up and the panel is stumped. In an episode of MASH, Major Margret “Hot Lips” Houlihan is explaining that she was raised as an Army brat, and said something like, “Until I was eight, I thought civilians were just soldiers whose uniform was at the dry cleaners.”

No?…Ehhh…it wasn’t that funny then either…

…carry on.


“If a tree falls in the woods , and a man hears it , is he still wrong ?”


I remember that now ! , took you saying where it came from till I did though. I am not sure there is a M.A.S.H episode I have not seen a half dozen times . The 10:30 pm syndicated episode of MASH was my old College room mate and best friend of 36 years ritual for a a long long time !

It has been 2 years though since I have watched TV . Just stopped one day and so far I have not gone back to it. No reason really, just happened.

If you ask a woman , he is every single time. :stuck_out_tongue: Only exception might be, if she had told him to cut it down. :sweat_smile:

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I didn’t own a TV for over a decade (in my twenties & thirties). Too much garbage. Then a co-worker took pity on me; they’d all be yakking about some sit-comm, drama, etc, and I’m like, “What are you taking about?”. I’d miss entire, mulit-year, shows it seems. But I don’t think I really missed anything.

Now, I’ve shut it off completely, again. 'Cept for the finance channel for 5 minutes a day; any really important stuff comes up there. Then I research to find something as close to the truth as I can. Getting harder though.

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If you are still finding TRUTH in any form of media today , be it TV , internet , print , you are doing some serious research for sure.

It is a crime that the 4th Estate sold out Truth for ratings / money , and the world as a whole has suffered immense harm done for that act. Especially our younger generations now whom no idea or concept of a time when news was about truth , nor that of what it is like to live in world where truth was the foundation of anything.

We are all, lesser as a species for it too !

While we haven’t stopped watching TV per se, our viewing habits went in a completely new direction a few years back…around the time I retired. We have certain series we like to watch - the whole Chicago Med/Fire/Police thing and a few other.

But the interesting/strange/potentially disturbing thing is that we have gotten hooked on what a friend refers to as “Murder Porn”. Essentially anything on ID. There are really too many to mention but it all started with The Homicide Hunter. They all are similar: Interviews with victims; interviews with family; interviews with cops; interviews with attorneys; sometimes interviews with the press who covered the case; on the rare occasion, interview with the perpetrator.; all interlaced with reenactments; sometimes with actual police interview video/audio.

Many are presented as mysteries where the perpetrator’s identity is not revealed until near the end. However, there is a distinct clue that usually gives it a way. If one of the suspects is shown in reenactments but not real life interviewed …or is interviewed wearing an orange jump suit…it’s probably the guy that did it…just say’n. :grimacing:


LOL! My wife, also since retirement, as gone deep into those…I’ll walk in and throw a quip in her direction, “So, who’s killing who on this one…not another wife off’g her husband thing again, honey?”.


Yeah , makes me nervous…but that’s not the worst of it . I came in the house once to find her absolutely transfixed , almost catatonic , watching a dog wedding !


I seen a few of those or so, always had the 1982 Production look to them I thought. The thing I recall most about them though is when they were wife kills husband or boyfriend, a very attractive woman always portrayed the wife , and later on when it was shown the wife was the killer you get a mug shot of her . Thats usually when it turned into a horror show for me as the woman was almost always ugly a a mud fence . :joy: :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I enjoyed the Haunted type shows too , some of them were pretty good . Not very real though to me because if those things people claimed occurred , happened in my house , I would be moving withing the next hour to a new home. Heck I would move into a cardboard box under a bridge if I had to , but I would not be staying there any more :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, sir! Was hoping you’d turn up. Good to see a familiar face - and in a nice setting, too.

To be continued!

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