Rift S announced!

Yeah. I’ll probably mostly be a seated experience, sim type VR gamer (imagine that!)…but wouldn’t be adverse to having a second “gaming” HMD for sure. I can already see how the two-camera inside-out tracking of the O+ is not ideal for some gaming…

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Rift S “Coming Soon” to Newegg

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Finally some questions about this thing answered clearly!


That was well worth watching. Thanks for sharing!

Wags tested the Rift S:

Oculus was kind enough to send us a couple Rift S kits to ensure best performance in DCS World. Based on the previews I’ve been reading from GDC, I was expecting more of a lateral quality move, with added inside-out tracking. However, compared to the Rift, I’m seeing a significantly higher resolution in DCS World where instrumentation is much easier to read, as well as spotting units outside the cockpit. Looking around the Hornet cockpit, I can read EVERYTHING. I’m very impressed with the DCS World experience in the Rift S. Inside-out tracking has been flawless for me, and Rift S setup could not be easier. If you are a Rift owner, I’d certainly suggest taking a very hard look at the Rift S; I find the experience considerably better.


Oh man, this sounds amazing. I guess the clarity is from the LED panel having 3 sub-pixels vs the OLED stuff having 2? Not sure.

Hmm, I’ve now no idea which next VR headset to purchase now. I will wait to see all of them. Bring it on Valve, Reverb and now Rift S! :slight_smile: :vr:


Not long ago, the future of VR was in doubt.

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Interesting video, although not surprising that the Rift S is better than the Rift CV1 and Vive.

The big question is how it compares to the Reverb and, to some extent, to the Odyssey+.

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I think that video looks really encouraging, the S’s use of that pixel layout is pretty impressive.

The Reverb’s extra cost, and the Valve Index requiring at least a first born son extra cost, is quite a step up in price. Also, the Reverb seems to be at the level of ‘Unicorn Tears 500ml’ in terms of stock still. There was reddit’ing going on this morning saying that they had all been recalled, so HP continue to unload bullets in to every foot they can find.

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Yes, it is definitely an improvement. I’ll look forward to comparisons to the O+ and maybe the Reverb (if it ever sees the light of day for consumers). :smiley:

The thing is, I kinda hate Windows Mixed Reality (klunky software) and its bleah controllers. Many/most games are designed with Oculus/Vive controllers in mind and the WMR ones just… bleah.

The Odyssey has better colors, deeper blacks, and a MUCH better picture. But the user experience is so meh, that I put it away after going back and forth a few months, and now use the Rift until my Rift s arrives.

Thanks for confirming that I’m not completely crazy :).

Couldn’t disagree more. I own a CV1, Odyssey, and Odyssey+. I much prefer the gen 1 Odyssey to the other 2. Better picture than the CV1 and way more comfortable than the O+. I don’t have any trouble running Oculus store bought apps and the image quality improvement is worth dealing with WMR.

I think the only thing we’ve found out about VR for certain in the last couple of years is that there isn’t ‘one true system’ that works for all. It’s like HOTAS’s or pedals, people know what they like and it’s a personal thing.

We can chat about what is ‘best’ but there is never going to be consensus, just because we all value different things. I tend to come across pretty confidently or opinionated, but please don’t anyone take that as me telling you what to do - it’s all good. Go buy what you like. :slight_smile: :vr:

Also, I should add, there are probably quite a few people here that have tried VR and dislike it enough to just stop using it and just go back to TrackIR and big screens etc. I doubt those people think any VR Pepsi vs Coke debates are that interesting.


No, @PaulRix, nobody is confirming that… :wink:

Coke, any day!
But I have close friends who prefer Pepsi, and we manage to stay friends… We never touch the subject of ‘favourite soft drink’, naturally. :wink:

You are absolutely correct, @fearlessfrog.
VR is not important to everyone. VR is a compromise. And VR is experienced individually.
Another important factor is expectation. What are you expecting to get from VR.
I mean, I love the VR experience, but given the choice, I’d take a physical cockpit and a 270° Dome screen, any day. I’d need a hangar to store all the different cockpits, but I’d take that as well… :wink:

As for Rift S, keeping the CV1, waiting for HP Reverb or Valve Index…

I’ll just got this email, from facebook Ireland.

As I’m not expecting more than an improved Rift without external sensors, I feel I can’t go wrong.



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