Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News



That flashlight feature seems darn handy…


As someone who picked up a used Odyssey for ~$340 about two weeks ago (thanks Micro-Center!), a tad bummed about the sudden price drop, but such is the life of tech adoption.

That said, IMO the biggest issue with the headset is the limited sweet spot. the SDE isn’t that bad (IMO), but the limited sweet spots thanks to the Fresnel lenses is a killer in flight sims. Would be nice to glance down at my MFDs vs having to move my head down.

To that end, I’d say the Odyssey plus seems like a nice mid-cycle refresh, but not a warranted upgrade.


Looks like the Odyssey Plus’s are available for purchase direct from Samsung (just for US). Delivery about Nov 6th or so.

In Canada, the Microsoft Stores will be the retailer ‘soon’, as they have the experience of battling through the snowfields or something.


Man, I’m tempted to pull the trigger on the Odyssey + even without the verdict being in. I’m going to go sit on my hands and unplug my internet.


Got to be worth waiting a week till some reviews roll in I think? Unless of course you want to write the ULTIMATE DCS & X-PLANE ODYSSEY PLUS MUDSPIKE REVIEW!!1!!1!

(Man, that started so well and sort of nosedived towards the end there…)

But yeah, worth waiting just a bit longer in-case people start screaming ‘the new panels make everything not a movie really foggy!’ etc.


Yeah. I’ll wait. Thanks for being the voice of reason. :smiley: Now…about that 2080 and i9…



I’m in the same boat as you. I want, but I know I should wait…


So for those who may be looking for a more modest expenditure and haven’t gotten into the VR space yet, the Odyssey without the plus is on sale in Microsoft’s store for $350.00 which is a great price for that headset.

Sorry @fearlessfrog I didn’t see until just now that you mentioned this in first post. Still the link may help someone.


I’m gonna have to search around the Charlotte area for where I could demo the +…might have a better chance over at RDU perhaps.


Actually…I think I found one to demo right here in Kings Mountain, NC. It is amazingly close and they’ve invited me to a one person meet up!

Cell phones are an awful instrument for those of us with ITAS… (Impulsive Technolgy Adoption Syndrome)…


Awesome Chris! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Odyssey + vs the Rift. This could be your opportunity to convince me to shell out $500. :slight_smile:


Yeah, you’ve put me in the hole too many times! :joy:

Even if it is only incrementally better, it will be worth it I think because I get such a feeling of wonder and awe with the VR presence. My only real concern is the hand controllers…


Ditto. Extremely interested in how it compares to a Rift.


Some interesting observations here…sounds encouraging…


Looking forward to hear your impressions.
I wonder what my 3yo Rift w. two sensors and touch controllers, might be worth. I kept the original boxes…
Ah, who am I kidding? My daughter won’t let me sell them anyway.


I’m planning hopefully to build a new PC in a few months and hand down the Rift and PC to Kai. Maybe we can both play some VR games together. Guess I’ll need to figure out what games are compatible with each other. I think I’ll be limited to Steam VR offerings…that is another drawback to moving away from Oculus is that there are some Oculus exclusive titles I will miss out on…


You are all mad. It’s official.

They look to be improved over the plain SO, in that the SO+ (<- Mudspike Approved Acronym (MAA)) has new controllers with Bluetooth 5. I certainly won’t miss the Rift USB ports it takes, plus those ‘cameras’ having to be set up just right. An inside-out solution like the SO+ might be a bonus…


The Microsoft Store links, as they tend to have ‘return to physical store’ policies, and I’ve got one close by:

C$649 in Canadian Pesos, not bad:


It looks like both Samsung and Microsoft offer discounts ($75 on the SO+?) for any registered .edu, .mil and .gov etc. people. Not handy for me but might be good for others here:


I’m pretty close to buying this too except for 2 things:

ASW or some kind of technology to project extra frames (does the Odyssey+ do this?)

Tracking, how trouble free is the Odyssesy+ tracking. You don’t want your head resetting all the time in DCS or any flightsim.