SimFab modular simpit vs NLR Flight Seat Pro

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How are you liking it so far?

Also, does it come with a thing that you can attach a Butt-Kicker too? Some other brand has this; a short, round/cylindrical piece? Not found a mention of it from SimFab.

Found a picture: NLR Boeing Military version:


Not a great picture.

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That would make it an insta-buy for me.
I’m very skeptical of my ability to design and build a practical simpit with attachment points for subwoofers, HOTAS, rudder, optional switch panels and an adjustable seat.

Out of the box, the DCS SimFab pit does not include a mounting point, but you can purchase a mounting arm for a Buttkicker…

I have a ButtKicker sitting on the shelf, so I might pick up a mounting post and see how it does. I have the HF8 haptic pad, which works well with DCS.

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I’m hip. I’d like one of these but the size of my space is an issue: 6 x 7 feet - yes, a closet.

Given all that I may just go with a desktop attached throttle mount since the port side of my ‘cockpit’ has an 20 y/o old empty PC case standing in for a throttle platform :slightly_frowning_face: It is pretty low-rent looking but in VR it doesn’t really matter?

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The gray mat in the picture above is 5ft 1inch by 3ft 1 inch edge to edge. The seat in the photo is fully rolled aft and the rudder plate ends about 3 inches from the edge of the mat. I’m not sure if that helps any?

Edit > the Rudder pedal plate is fully adjustable fore and aft, so the length of the rig is somewhat dependent on the user.


Perfect, thanks!

I have my Buttkicker mounted directly on a seat post instead of buying the separate arm. Figured there would be a ‘loss’ in buttkicking so why not just clamp it to a seat post. Works great!


I dug my Buttkicker Gamer Plus out of the closet and attached it as Chaz suggested. I wanted to see which I preferred, the ButtKicker or the NLR HF8 seat pad.

They both have their strengths and weaknesses. The ButtKicker transmits its vibrations through the whole frame of the rig, so you feel it not just on your rear end, but also subtly through the throttle and stick. The HF8 Pad transmits directly to your body and the effect is stronger. I am using HaptiConnect for the butkicker and SimShaker for the HF8 pad.

The best thing is, I don’t have to choose one over the other…they work great together and the effect is quite something… the whole rig feels alive as you pour on the coals, kick in the burners and roll down the runway.

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:drooling_face: I WANT them…
Does the HF8 seat pad have stereo? I want to feel which wheel hit the ground, which wing(s) the bombs dropped from…
Might need a similar setup

Yes, the HF8 has multiple haptic motors that are individually activated. I just tried dropping some bombs off just one side of the F4 and you can feel it on the side the bomb came off the rack. It’s subtle, and I’m not sure how accurate that is. In all the flying I have done, any sensations that came through the seat are pretty much ‘mono’ . I have never dropped bombs though.

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Yup. I’m sure I’ve abused this pony to death by now but, the haptic thing is part of my ‘immerrrrrrrsion’ trifecta :slight_smile:

I REALLY like the stall feedback probably the most, when doing the BFM thing anyway.