So...FlyInside for X-Plane is pretty good

So I just tried flyinside for xp, and while it was kinda fun, the resolution was not good. I may need to play with it a bit to see if I can fix that, and I definitely need to fix the setup area if I’m going to do this more often, but I definitely didn’t get the experience you seemed to have, and I have slightly more powerful hardware. So that has to be a settings thing.

But ya, I for sure could not read the instruments. Need to set up zoom for next trial and see if that helps. I can definitely see how if you get this set up properly it can be great though.

But trying to move the mouse around and click switches wasn’t smooth, I was getting some definite stuttering, and given that I’m not sure how I’d be able to manage charts and things at the same time. Need to fix the distance resolution too - scenery too hard to see. Almost completely missed the airport during my circuit because I couldn’t see it properly lol.

Wait… is this the Bat-Plane?

For some reason I found FlyInside for XP kind of dark in the Rift when compared to other sims such as DCS and AeroFly FS 2. I am looking forward to seeing what it is like when Laminar implements support natively.

I didn’t notice that it was too dark personally. Though I think there a bunch of settings for that as well.

Guys, I have a question about FI for X-plane 11.

I use 1.71 for P3Dv3 and FSX, because I noticed various little issues with 1.8 (such as little white spots in the forward view and little bugs with looking around the VC) and I wasn’t really interested in using Touch whilst flying.

Are you using 1.8 or an older version for XP11? I don’t even know if there is an older version, but 1.8 is what’s offered on the shop page, so that is what I have.


Doesn’t matter - 1.8 is ok, and nothing else available from what I see anyway.

I’m getting low framerates, though. Mid 20’s at airports and mid 30’s elsewhere - flying at up to 1,500ft. Once I get up to over 2,000ft everything seems to smooth out. Didn’t note the framerates, but there is no stuttering then. When at the lower altitudes, it looks okay out the front view, but when I look down, out of the side window, it’s a horrible stutterfest.

Some of the add-on aircraft (like the Cessna 310) really struggle on my PC. Strange, because in FSX I get 90-100fps and in P3Dv3 with FTX scenery I get over 130fps.

This is with the X-plane 11 default settings. Guess I will have to start playing with the settings.