Star Trek Discovery (with spoilers)


Very much liked the first episode back. Not a huge fan of this Tyler / Burnham interaction, especially as she seems do 180s in her thinking process where he is concerned, which is just weird. I mean, they haven’t even known each other that long, so the devotion there is just silly given her other actions.

But in general I think this was my favourite episode. Also Captain Tilly is pretty cute.

edit: I guess timeline gets a bit distorted on a show like this, so I’ll rephrase. I don’t actually care how long Burnham and Tyler have known each other. The relationship still bothers me, because it pulls her in the opposite of the direction she’s trying to go. I know some people are going to like it, but it seems contrived to me.


Ok, so end of season. This show is not very good. At least, not very good Star Trek. But in general not very good.

Mary Wiseman (Tilly) gets best performance nods from me, with Doug Jones a second and whoever plays Stamets third, despite how annoying his character is.

But holy smokes this show is all over the place. Like terrible. Not sure I’ll bother with season 2.


It had some potential in the beginning, but yeah, when the parallel universe plotline came up it really went south.


Totally agree. It was less than good. Very disjointed in areas, and some stupid un-needed character progression/regression in lots of areas.

Loads of the small pieces just didn’t fit in with each other and was hashed in a way that would make JJ Abrams happy.


It was fairly bad. Just watched the last episode last night and it made even less sense than normal. "We put a drone down a hole with a bomb on it - now I am the Klingdon leader you’ll all unite behind! (Plus, ignore this human stood next to me, plus hey, call back the Destroy Earth fleet - thanks’. Ok.

The Spore stuff was bad. The Micheal making speeches at random intervals in that one-tone delivery of hers. The Mirror Universe. The Mirror Universe (so bad, worth saying twice). The Mirror Universe (maybe three times actually, it was really bad).

Anyway, it was like some sort of group writing exercise in Screenplays 101 where the teacher picked the participants and they all thought they’d rather throw the course than allow anyone to get a good mark.

The special effects were good. Saru was tall, Tilly was ok. The fan service Enterprise ending was pretty cringe-inducing. Apparently the next series theme story arc is ‘Faith and beliefs’. I’m out.


It was okay, I was never a big fan of the other ST spin offs and was brought up watching the original series. But it was an enjoyable enough series to keep me interested :slight_smile:


Anyone watching season 2?

I really enjoyed yesterday’s S02E02. It felt very Star Trek, in that, more an ensemble cast feel, some good ol’ prime directive standing order one conflict, plus a new non-mirror goatee captain. Very good production quality as well. Riker was the director, so perhaps this series has finally got its ‘beard’ on? :slight_smile: :bearded_person:


I thought that episode 1 of season 2 was pretty good. Looking forward to episode 2 - when I get a chance to watch it :slight_smile:


I’m really enjoying season 2 so far! Jonathan frakes as director definitely pleased me. Me and the wife are hooked.


I am concurrently watching Hell on wheels again and started STD last night. Funny seeing Cullen Bohannen as Captain of a star ship and not railway boss :grinning: