Tank Crew officially released... trailer

Sorry Magnum, dont mean to be a damp squid, but what made TC so special to make it suddenly an official release?

FC Vol 1 that apparently suggests to every one on the planet there might be a FC 2 bar me, got practically zilch support and told to rely on third party support from the get go. full price product at the start too … I just cant support this crowd anymore.


The semi promise of a much desirable WW2 Pacific sim too, we are simply told, they cant.

I wish they could stop saying we cant and “can” and “will” … in near future.

Its OK to have differing opinions here, if you like TC, please enjoy, just wish there was the same love towards FC.


It’s the same as what gave FC vol. 1 release status, just a while ago;
The devs have delivered all they said they would.
And I know how you feel about FC. I, as you know, don’t see it that way. But this is about Tank Crew. :wink:


That’s the point I was making. I started this thread because every thread about Tank Crew so far has turned into something different, like this. But It’s OK… I do understand. But I rarely flight sim, and don’t see me in those threads saying that.

BTW, BOT I’m thinking of broadcasting Tank Crew tonight, not that I’m good but more to show those who don’t know or may just be interested what’s in it and how it seems to work. Twitch… GotYourSixGaming . Thinking around 8.


@Magnum50 is that 8 zulu or 8 est?

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sorry… eastern. And if you have questions or want something shown… I’ll have chat open.


I might join you for that. I’ve been hovering in and out of interest on tank crew but wouldn’t mind a look at the updated version

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I’m probably going to wait for it on sale. As I see more on it, it does certainly intrigue me. @Magnum50 I may check out your stream to check it out. I’m still chugging away with Panzer Elite and Steel Fury, so something updated would certainly be nice.

No problems Tank guys, enjoy, tried a tank sim once or twice, even Tank movies do not motivate me … even as a second hobby, armour in scale modelling circles I’ve largely avoided, not avoided but been dis interested in … but do own a Tamiya 1/16 full action Tiger kit with radio control ETC, its actually half built, in another 50 years I might complete it :slight_smile:

I just feel its a bit sad FC was dumped so early, the fact its called Flying Circus Vol 1 speaks volumes, its a reasonable exception to see a Vol 2, especially after the success of the wonderful ROF I still enjoy to this day.

My passion needs wings.

I wish you all happiness in Tank Crew and enjoy, but the whole way that franchise is going is for me, quite grim … please no, bitterness here, tried to talk over there and its ban city if you disagree with the devs and fan boys there, terrible state of affairs, but there ya go, we are all different, enjoy

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If you happen to be in the US and are interested in selling it off, let me know, I can always use more scale armor to drive around our neighborhoods hike and bike trail :slight_smile:


If you ever want a new home for that…give me a call

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And therein lay the rub. The fact the RoF is still as popular as it is killed any chance FC had of making a go of it. Jason has admitted he completely underestimated how much blow back he would get over FC from the RoF crowd. :sunglasses:

I agree that Tank Crew is not going to be for everybody but I happen to like it quite a bit. The improvements and additions from where it started to where it has ended were all in the correct direction for me. 023



Thanks for broadcasting @Magnum50 I stopped by but with my wonderful internet and a girlfriend watching Hulu and 2 kids on separate consoles downloading and streaming stuff my internet couldnt keep up lol!

However I saw the beginning, It looks interesting but not enough for me to drop $70 on right before Cyberpunk 2077 comes out. I will keep it in mind though,

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Thanks… ya, that’s what I said in my end summary. If you love WW2 tank action then it’s worth it, if not so much. Wait for a sale.

Pretty much I showed that you have internal views and outside views, but to answer a question, no button or switch moving, all keyboard, mouse or stick controlled.

2 campaigns, both pretty good where it’s a joint operation but you just deal with your orders. Nice to see IL2’s coming in to assist. about a dozen missions, plus the quick mission option.

I love it… enjoy the battles thou can be a little too drawn out getting to them. Drive 15 mins fight for 5, drive 15 more…repeat.



I had an employee call in sick, covered their shift, so missed the stream. Mags, any chance that you will make it available to watch later? Twitch newb here, so it’s very possible that I’m requesting the impossible.

Does it have a mission editor where you can make your own missions?

Should be still on my page for 14 days.


Yes, both a quick mission builder in the sim and a full mission builder called Mission Editor. Here is a link to the manual in this thread, but you might have to be logged into the IL-2 Sturmovik forum to view and d/l it.

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Sweet, that looks promising, Normally if i can make my own missions I get good replayablitiy out of a Sim

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Victor, if you are definitely interested in the Tamiya Tiger I + RC gear i bought for it, perhaps we can do a deal, gimme a PM pal, know you are in UK. Sorry folks, this kit is of suitcase proportions for posting to internal UK alone, never mind abroad expense wise.

RE: The tank sim stuff, just ignore me, I’m a whiner … but do wish more had been done with FC Vol 1 :slight_smile:

Enjoy Tank Crew, might try it yet.

WOW, I completed both campaigns and about 100 hours in SP missions… never knowing about the station notes in game, and half of what I could of done with the game… now I got to do it all again, right this time. lol.

Still can’t fiquer out how to use the different gun sights, if anyone knows. Use to adjust with mouse wheel, now that zoom ins.

A nice print out version of these list would be nice, if anyone knows.


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