The AI thread

Well said. Already beginning to happen, IMO.

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It’s not perfect, but I find GroundNews helpful. For each article it gives political bias (left, center, right), accuracy rating, and who owns the news outlet.

There’s already a term for this in data science circles. It’s Habsburg AI :stuck_out_tongue:


That brings to mind my favorite episode of 30 Rock.

Sometimes I don’t think AI is ready, but this isn’t really that much worse than David Croft honestly :joy:


I can’t help but feel a little irrelevant at the moment.


Looks to have potential - the speed at which this is moving though.

I have been going though creating a GPT-2 type LLM using Python to try and understand what has happened since I last did AI 15 years back.
As that video says logically I would convert the input and output of the neural network to video and audio separately as they have been doing…however sounds like they have already moved onto getting the whole thing done via the LLM without any external conversion.
If that demo is realistic I wonder how many groups will eventually have the AI voice essentially running each conference meeting.


To this point I’ve not worried too much about AI encroaching on the livelihoods of human beings. But when I watched the trigonometry lesson example, I had an ah-ha moment.

I can see in the not too distant future, where we have Help Wanted ads that state, We are and AI management free organization. The same for schools and universities, espousing the pros and cons of their educational method, either by AI or human.


She’s going to he a better parent than most parents.

I wonder how the kid who’s raised by perfect parents, will behave?

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My wife and I are already in a struggle for our kids’ socialization, as I’m sure some other parents here are. On the other hand, I read a fascinating piece a couple of years ago about someone who lost their eyesight, lived alone, and although reluctantly at first, developed a deep, rewarding relationship with an AI. If memory serves, it was fiction, but predicted, or was aware of the AI assistant models forthcoming. Taking the good with the bad I suppose.

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Normally my initial reaction is to dip immediately into my bottomless well of AI hate. But this could really help people manage their social phobias. I have one of my own now. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese at last. But I am terrified at trying to speak with a real person, especially my real Japanese wife. I simply hate being laughed at especially when that laughter is accompanied by zero comprehension. This is such a dumb hangup to have when learning a language. But I can’t seem to get past it. Practicing with AI would get around that tic. Of course it might still laugh at me while failing to understand. I would then just immediately end the relationship with no cost.