The Official 4th Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight - 2018 Edition



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That had to be a terrifying experience. I remember the shock I had when I felt the aircraft roll uncontrollably. I had to compensate with both rudder and ailerons, which wasn’t easy since the aircraft kept wanting to kill me. In retrospect, I think I could have tried to raise the flaps to minimize the lift assymetry. They were at a full 30 degrees… maybe a flaps 5 long landing could have worked and decreased the workload. I guess my first reflex was to concentrate on flying the plane instead of trying to troubleshoot what went wrong… not an ideal situation.


That also reminded me of United Airlines flight 232 in 1989. The crew lost all three Hydraulic lines when the center engine exploded. They steered in corkscrew right turns using thrusters to land at Sioux City in a barely controlled crash with loss of life.

There was also a really good (well, 1992 me thought it was really good when I saw it) TV movie that has a great cast, including Charlton Heston as the LLWS Umpire and Pilot.


Call me tangent man. Go ahead.

Back in the 80s, it seemed that a lot of DC-10s were coming to grief. One of my brothers was a flight attendant for Air Florida flying the London trip with a bunch of hotties. I was leaving MIA on an A-300 one day, and we had to hold on takeoff because the AF DC-10 ahead of us had spilled the guts of and engine down the runway. Brother Bill was working the flight of course. He was good at dodging big bullets like that. Two other close calls, one was that he was booked on Pan Am 103 which originated out of Frankfurt. He was held up on the way to the airport, but got to the gate about 20 minutes before departure. The gate agent wouldn’t let him board. In Germany, rules are rules. Saved his life and he still has his boarding pass. The other was the Air Florida 90 which was on his line. He worked it the night before it went into the Potomac. I enjoy flying with him.


Aviate, navigate, communicate. In that order.

Good job getting her down, that must have been a heck of a ride.


If I remember correctly, the 727 has a lighted Flaps/Slats display above the pilot’ Head…or is it on a FE panel.

Regardless, I seem to recall that testing it is on the start up checklist…and that’s the last time I ever looked at it. Probably meant for situations just as you experienced.

Still, when I was putting down the 707’s flaps for landing tonight, remembering your emergency, I took an extra moment to check the flap indicators moving to their correct position. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway…bring up the flaps or not? I’ve got both an Eastern and American Airlines 727 Flight Manual…I wonder what they have to say.


Great to see you powering on with the TBM, I’m waiting for V-tail bonanza’s to show up before I continue on! I haven’t made the mistake of low fuel, but I have been making mistakes on introducing it in the TBM causing the engine temps to briefly exceed 800 ITT. Leaves me with some questions on how long this engine will last!


One more. Medellin to Bucaramanga.

MAD job

Another mysterious, clandestine “express freight”. Needs to be flown by night, apparently. I think to myself, I must not get used to this. But I am drawn…

It would be another series of black rectangle screens, so let us cut to the end. Nice, uneventful flight back across the Andes and the inter range Magdalena valley. Good weather at departure, and…

METAR: SKBG 080300Z 00000KT 9999 FEW010 BKN080 20/19 A2996

…good weather at arrival. All DR again, town and city lights as waypoints. Dropped down and did a circuit and go around at Barrancabermeja for the heck of it, then continued to Bucaramanga. I appear to have parked in the storage area for the PBBs…

Shut down…

Here is the route.

MAD payment

Losses for MAD again. Hardly worth all the hullabaloo and surreptitious sneaking about!

As we are mentioning our various navigation methods and devices, allow me to join in the fun. Here is the navigation system I have been using all along…

Advanced Navigation System

Gets you there nicely! I do not have my plotter anymore, do notice. However, there is an alternate way of acquiring true courses off a chart, but I discussed all that in some depth on another thread a couple of years ago, so I will not go into that again.

Skyvector I am only using to create the nice route maps for the thread’s benefit. LOL! It has been a great exercise so far, this DR navigation, and bags of fun to review.

All the best!


Great report. I love the ANS. :joy:

I was looking at balance sheet wondering how the numbers added up, before you said the flight made a net loss. The CFO of MAD will be sending furious emails to the operations director. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would fly with you any day of the week Chuck.


This sounds like one of my Xmas flight mishaps.


I’m unfortunately an “X-Plane only” guy. Otherwise I would definitely also be waiting for this airplane.


There is V-tail Bonanza for XP11 from Carenado

plus Reality Expansion Pack for it

I actualy like the idea of persistent wear and tear on such adventure as the Xmas flight.



OK it was something like 1,660 FPM and from 1500 ft that’s nothing to sneeze about but “plummets” seems a bit hyperbolic, even for the BBC.:slightly_smiling_face:


1660 FPM. I did a good bit of “plummeting” yesterday then. I think we touched 2,200 or so a few times… Hopefully everyone had their service animal of choice to help comfort them. My comfort service animal is a King Cobra. He soothes my nerves. The guy sitting next to me though…? Not so much…


Facts getting in the way of a good sensationalised story. Who’d have thought it. The bit that I identified with was engaging the autopilot with it set to 0ft… Dammit, did I do that again…:laughing: The bit of the story of steps taken to prevent a recurrence, I wondered if this entailed a big rubber hand to slap the pilot round the back of the swede.