Transfering DCS to New Computer

I’m about to build a new computer and I’m trying to figure out the correct procedure to transfer DCS licenses. I’ve found posts at DCS World to deactivate licenses and have managed to deactivate both my P-51 and Huey. But the F/A-18 and Spitfire don’t seem to have deactivation files nor do any of my terrain modules.

Is everything without a deactivation file just handled by logging in to an account, or should I be doing some sort of procedure to deactivate the F/A-18, Spitfire, terrain modules, and campaign modules?

I realize this might be better posted out at DCS World, but I just registered an account, and apparently can’t create a topic post there for at least 24 hours, and am hoping to get my new computer build started before that.


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A lot of modules, including the F/A-18 and Spitfire are indeed bound to your login, without key codes. Eventually it is hoped that all modules take advantage of this new system. You can tell if any of your modules have a keyless system by revisiting the store. It will tell you which modules are keyless.

Good luck with the build!


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Yeah you should deactivate the ones that are still on the old copy protection.

If you have SkateZillas tool that helps with that as well.


Welcome. I lost activations when rebuilding my PC even after deactivating everything. Its bloody confusing. There are a whole host of bat files on dcs. Com I will link them when I get to my pc

Cannot find the .bat files page anymore but here is the official guide


Thanks Everyone!

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Do you still need to deactivate modules before installing on a new computer?


No. :slight_smile: (…unless there is still a plane that uses Starforce but IIRC all modules have switched)

I don’t think so.

Recently I got away with moving a SSD from one PC to another without any problems. I believe I was asked for the A-10C key though.

As I am also looking at transfer of DCS to a new PC in the near future, there is on thing that I still have not figured out.

I don’t even know what to search for.

The correct way to save and backup all of my controller setups, so I can import them without having to redo them from scratch again. Also if it is possible to do a fresh install on a new or just wiped system.

With 9 real and one virtual controllers there are a lot of redundant bindings that needs to be deleted. On top of that I also delete most the keybindings for what I have assigned to controllers and use those for other stuff.

It usually takes me several hours to do and I hate it like H….

What, how, and where should I save and backup and what, how and where do I restore?

Happy Simming

I did a super quick write up before, but you can copy them (controller config files) to the new PC and may just have to go through and load them each.

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Config folder in the user/saved games DCS from memory. I don’t think the Config in game directory has an affect. Obviously if you move the game physically it should stay the same but it won’t show up in the program list

It’s not simply a backup and restore problem.

On a new PC you are likely to get new controller ids (assigned by Windows)

Here’s how I solved it:

I think I did the same thing once and it worked.

Maybe it was because of changing from windows 7 to windows 10. I remember all my controller bindings were not showing up and panicked for a moment :wink: