Utility and Value of Helos in DCS

That’s something else that bugs me in the Ka-50: I can’t tune to AWACS/GCI. If I could, then I could at least listen in for hostile aircraft reports, but as it stands I have to hope I can see them before they shoot. I’m not sure why that radio option was removed…

I also don’t get why the UH-1H has the AN/APR-39 blisters but no RWR.


I didn’t know that but just looked that RWR up and it looks like it is widely used in Hueys! Maybe it is in the Xmas patch…:slightly_smiling_face::santa:t2:


OK…if you mean trying to figure out how the fly the darn thing and do all that computer stuff all by your self…yes a force to be reckoned with! :open_mouth:

I really like the Blackshark but I have yet to be able to wrap my brain around its systems - I get too focused on something like switching a waypoint or selecting the proper weapons mode and end up flying into the dirt.

What is needed is a Ka-52 with a Jesterski :grin: