A plugin added to the regular in-game toolbar to show a map in VR, without having to fiddle around with desktops etc.


Releases and install instructions here:

Will try it later on, but interesting if not wanting to fiddle around with LittleMap etc.


Hmm…so OpenStreet map with navigation data overlaid? Or did OpenStreet map always have that ability to show aviation data? Very handy in VR. I love SkyVector.com and miss having it in VR.

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Thanks for sharing this. I will test it this evening.

I think it is amazing what the community does :slight_smile:

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So gave it a quick go and it does what it says. The main downside is that the navdata overlay can get too cluttered, due to the nature of the data and there aren’t any options around that.

There’s a new toolbar entry here you see in VR (or 2D if you like):

It can be resized and moved around in VR, but things like ILS and VOR frequencies being clickable shown would be the ideal (I guess it is the VFR MAP for VR afterall…). The performance is fine and the tower frequencies can be read ok.

I also played around with having Little NavMap displayed, as that has lots of features and would be nice in VR. I used this:

That just adds the ‘webserver’ view into VR, with the main downside is that there is very little options around the graphics tiles font sizes, which means in VR resolutions a lot of things are too small to see (as the text is built into the graphic maps). Still, it did work nicely just not a silver bullet as yet:

The best solution for a lot of these things is just MSFS being able to work with the usual desktop compositors ok, so you can just bring in 2D apps as you would any other VR app, so we’ll have to see if ‘Sim Update 3’ does that (soon) (ish).

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Haha…welcome to the ROBUC arrival into Boston. My anger monkey comes out of the trunk every time I’m issued it…


Wow. That’s really something!

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I’m fiddling around trying to change the Nav Data overlay, at least to make it have a few more options. The general mechanism is that it grabs tiles from http://openaip.net/ and puts them in as an overlay in leaflet.js (a browser map tiler engine). The server is a little util written in Go (basically just bridges SimConnect for position) so the ‘meat’ is the html/js of the iframe within the panel. I might be able to pass some options to the openaip.net map display to get what I want.

You might be interested @Aginor that it has a Soaring mode, where it will show thermal hotspots :wink:



That’s not an arrival, it’s a maze…!

Hey guys.

Just noticed that my little mod project has been mentioned here on mudspike! How cool is that :slight_smile:

Just want to say “Hi, I’m the author of ‘VFR Map for VR’ and if you have any suggestions, please let me know!” :laughing:



Hey @fearlessfrog. If you manage to get that done (especially show Airport elevation in feet) then please feel free to contribute and file a pull request! Cheers, chris

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Welcome to Mudspike!

Nice little piece of software you have there. :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard Chris - cool utility you have there! @fearlessfrog is an insanely talented computer guru…he will have our resident @Discobot flying his Air Hauler fleet any day now I’m sure…

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Welcome to Mudspike @ChrisVomRhein looking forward to seeing how the software progresses as this may solve the lack of skydemon integration problem that is stopping me from buying Ms2020

Welcome to the site @ChrisVomRhein. :sunglasses:


that is worse than the AERAD Aberdeen taxi plate - not enough data

Will it run on DCS VR?

No, it’s a MSFS specific thing for inserting into that UI. With DCS you can just use the in-built Oculus/SteamVR/WMR ability to pin a window into VR and use something like Little Navmap direct (or even just Skyvector in a browser, if you don’t need to track your position).

Hi Chris! Will do a PR if I get anything good working. Main challenge is getting good nav data, as even openaip.net is a bit thin on navaids data in my area. I’ll poke around to see if anything else wouldn’t be a good Leaflet layer. Thanks for coming by, appreciated and thanks for doing the plugin!. :mudspike:

I have done a couple of flights with your VFRmap for VR, @ChrisVomRhein and it works great. Thanks!

I have exactly zero knowledge about coding but have an idea nevertheless :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to add a tab which would work as a VR flying bag? The functionality would be to display in VR in the same window as the VFR VR map any pdf/jpg files that would be stored in the app storage place (a dedicated folder I can imagine).

So the next time @BeachAV8R rehearses his favorite ROBUC arrival into Boston in VR, he does not have to take off the HMD, you know… :smiley:

I know that your application is for VFR flying but please give it a thougt if it is not too complicated.


Hey guys!

Just wanted to reach out to let you know that I’ve released FSKneeboard 1.1.0 (formerly known as “VFR Map For VR”) about a week ago and am currently working towards the 1.2.0 release with several updates and improvements.

I wasn’t sure if you are happy with me “advertising” it here, as there is now a paid option available as well for those who would like to actively support the ongoing development of the mod. The “Map-Module”, however, is still free (and open-source) and will stay free forever!

I thought I’d reach out anyway, as the mod features an all-new “Charts Viewer” module now, which some of you guys requested. For the time being it supports png charts. A fully-fledged pdf viewer has not been implemented yet, so you’d have to convert your files. It should, however, enable @BeachAV8R to fly his favorite approach into Boston while having all charts handy under the hood :slight_smile:

Finally, FSKneeboard has been extended with a “notepad” now which allows you to take notes in VR. For me, personally, that’s a game-changer as it enables me to finally fly with live ATC (on VATSIM) and take notes of ATC instructions, weather info etc.

I hope you guys are okay with me posting that update here! Looking forward for your feedback!!!

As always, you may check the free mod out here Releases · Christian1984/vfrmap-for-vr · GitHub

Cheers and always three greens!