VR Optimization Guide - DCS

It’s tough as the best answer is more anti aliasing (MSAA in DCS) but it’s hard on performance at VR resolutions. Some things to try:

  • Reduce PD in DCS in steps and up MSAA to x4.

  • Make sure AF is at least x8.

  • Turn off MSAA but up the SteamVR SS resolution very high (it’ll acts as a form of AA, but can be hard on frames).

  • Turn off Motion Smoothing to see if it is exaggerating shimmers or not.

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Was planning on just spending some time online trying different VR settings. Then I found myself on a training server in a Hornet (LWin Home to the rescue!)…and as always is the case…found myself completely enamored with doing cats and traps endlessly. Started with 5K fuel…did a bunch of landings…took off with 800 lbs., found the S-3 with 300 pounds…and hit the basket on the first go! Woot! Of course…I only stayed connected to about 800 lbs…hit it again (and again) to 2,000 and went back for more traps.

Sound boring huh? :rofl:


Yep, that’s exactly what I do. :slight_smile:

I tend not to MP as I’ve got the integrity check unfriendly VR mod. There is another version of it but not sure what the cost is on FPS. Anyone know off hand?


That is the one I downloaded. I haven’t tried the non-IC version. I was pretty happy at 56 Steam SS and 1.6 PD in game. I’ll bet I can go higher with Steam SS though. I’m horrible at using valid testing techniques though.


I’d hit ya up for some MP but the boys had soccer rained out today so we have make ups at 8AM… :yawning_face:

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Sounds like 90% of my sim time. I guess some people get “all Zen” with thumb-heavy console shooters. Me? Maneuvering my probe into…3D space…and sticking the landing.

Tangent | I just recently – don’t laugh! – started applying my real world mental work on my golf game to my plugging and trapping. Danged if I don’t see similarities (and improvement!) in both. And I ain’t afraid to admit it :slight_smile:

Often found it interesting that the pilots (fighter, chopper…any platform really) that I know, that of course play golf, are all in what I consider the top 10% of amateur golfers; the above mentioned tasks are similar in that they are not reactionary, requiring you to create the action/motion smoothly without over-control.

[I have a tournament today? :grin:]

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Looks like another VR magic on the horizon :slightly_smiling_face:

Lukas S. / Wolta’s post onYT.

I have not tried it yet. Lukas mentioned he would try to get it work with DCS.


Haha…I was having a great time. I left the tanker…went screaming down the right side of the carrier and broke the deck at 450 knots. I don’t know anything about the proper procedures…but it felt like I was cool. And I’m always cool as long as there isn’t anyone else for me to mess up their experience…haha… There were only one or two other Hornets at varying times doing takeoffs and landings. Would definitely enjoy having a full pattern with some Mudspikers.

I think this is probably not all that far from reality. And you are probably right…that fighter pilot mentality/competitiveness likely encompasses many of their activities. I mean…how else are you gonna win that volleyball tournament??!

Last night…on the S-3, I found myself trying to remember some of good old @EinsteinEP’s advice(s) on formation flying. It is definitely helpful to fly formation on the tanker instead of trying to concentrate on the drogue. That gets you into position. I really like the Hornet though…it is very responsive to the throttle…or at least it was for me because I was at a very light weight with no ordnance. I guess it is quite different when you are loaded up with weapons and tanks and stuff…


I seem to do better focused on the probe (tanker in my peripheral) until contact, then swapping this, at least in VR. I guess in my mind I’m ‘flying’ the probe for those two, but I’m aware of the tanker simultaneously?

Except with the Harrier. That one is all about, whadda ya call it, “sight picture”, then trust. If I try to look at the probe/basket it gets ugly.

Probably should do same with Hornet/Tomcat but, well…maybe when VR gets a wider FOV the Harrier might be easier, for me. Asking myself now, “why aren’t I doing more Harrier flights?”

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Yeah…same here. I glance over there and I might as well just be upside down… :rofl:


I had a play, it’s quite nice. Info and results here:

Have you read this thread guys ?

rift s user here. after applying luckas latest vr settings, get everything blurred on a distance of like 15 metre to 20 metre. cockpit looks great, colors look awesome. get 40 fps on dense area and 80 on high altitude. any thing to get rid off this blurred vision on near objects like runway and buildings around are blurred. any idea pilots???

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Hi @sastian and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

What’s your Anisotropic Filtering setting in DCS?

16x. no MSAA. if this you were asking?

I’m talking about anisotropi filtering. MSAA is anti aliasing.

where it is and what values it has to select? i have another thing is set to 16x.

In the settings page, here.

(Thanks @will2360 for the pic :wink: )
Anisotropic Filtering is what cures blurry angles textures in the distance, which your problem sounded like. But if it’s at 16x, that probably isn’t the issue here…

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