Wednesday Fibre: F/A-18C Loft Bombing Mission (screenshot heavy)



is tacview prone to the same problems as replaying a track ?


Nope. Never. Tacview exports it’s information separately. I mean if it’s export messes up, or the server host has disabled exports, it will not work. There is also a time delay that hosts can add so that you can not view a Tacview replay immediately and see the Battlefield enough to help your fellows ‘cheat’.

The problem with the DCS replay is that it is more than just a replay. You can take active control of an aircraft at any point and continue on as if nothing after that part happened. Instead of recording lat, long, orientation, etc, DCS is trying to record the simulation state. Any little bug that shows up in that process is going to result in a rapidly divergent ‘replay’.


The only thing about Tacview and certain MP servers (104th and the like) is that to see other planes etc. you need to run the track first, so you end up still having the replay inaccuracy issue.

Wonderful for single player though!


Yeah. That’s because they have the Tacview export turned off on the server. It is understandable, because with Tacview you get the God’s eye view of everything but annoying when you want to learn what you did wrong.


Agreed - annoying especially as I’d never abuse it and only use it for debriefing…but it is understandable that they don’t want to risk it as someone surely would.

OpenConflict was great in that regard - they didn’t block it and it was super interesting to go through the flights afterwards.


That was great!
I laugh so hard at the jettison part :laughing:

And I couldn’t agree more with your fanboi rant, DCS certainly isn’t perfect but what a freakin’ amazing sim!


Well done Fridge. Hats off for your efforts. That must have taken some time.

I’ve said 6 x Hail Marys, written “I must learn to loft bomb.” 500 times, and spent 4 hours on the range practicing conventional bombing since Weds. Not consuming craft beer during multi missions would help as well. Old habits die hard.

I’ve taped this to a mirror in the head as a shameful reminder of what happens to unprepared warriors.


Jane’s F-15 and the little patch map and the DPMIs made loft bombing pretty easy…of course, we probably had about 1/100th of the switchology back then. Ah…nostalgia…



Real intelligence analysts will only say “probably dangerous”…most likely that is…we never say anything for sure…just say’n…maybe…


Best AAR ever! :star_struck: