Where Are You Photos [2024]

And back home:

I played satnav for some friends for 16km, then I was on my own for the rest of the way. The graph looks pretty funny.

Found the afterburner:


Had a great ride. Good grief I’m out of shape though… Just gotta do it more… Beautiful day though…thanks for the inspiration…


That looks awesome, love me some gravel :+1:

Keep at it and things will improve quickly :blush:


Always remember that round is a shape so you can truly never be out of shape. winkbiggrin



Relaxing with family in the largest ski area in the World with some 600 km of slopes. Les 3 Vallees in France.

Got a glimpse of Mont Blanc too.

Me in my eldest’s face shield :laughing:


At a little different latitude, our 10 year old twins and I, with our amazing sea Uber in the background. CocoCay in the Berry Islands.


Had a good ride today. It is kind of amazing how in the first mile you feel like there is absolutely no way you’re going to survive any kind of ride… Then, after a few miles you sort of settle into it. The gravel bike is not particularly fast…and fairly heavy with the racks and all mounted on it. I love riding it though…

The wind was killing me today. The picture with the trees on the left there was a front right quartering headwind probably 15 mph gusting higher… What I wouldn’t have given to have some riders in echelon in front of me… :joy:


No upside to these jobs.

If it goes right, no one cares. If it goes wrong, the whole world knows.

Beautiful little thing though.


You could inquire what a Scuderia dealership charges and take half of that. I bet the owner doesn’t care and is used to insanity. Value based pricing


I suck at that to be honest. He told me what ferrari quoted him after the job and it gave me the hump all day


At least you got to haul a beautiful and delicate thing. That isn’t easy to do well and the risk is high. But you did it and you did it right.

In other news, I made a thing:

This used to be a wooden deck, but the planks had rotten through here and there, and would get rather slippery when wet. So I ripped it out and put in this bit of pavement. It’s the first bit of pavement I did entirely myself. No help from Wil or Bert (who are pros at this kind of work).
If you squint a bit, you may see the peace sign I snuck in there :wink: :peace_symbol:


Right on, man :v:


Thats a nice bit of laying there! Very neat!


A pretty epic hawk vs crow vs vulture battle happened right behind my house today, went on for ages!

Most pictures were out of focus but was happy to get a few good ones in.

here’s mr hawk on the perch ready to bust up the formation

close up of some action

close up of mr creepy

and just a nice one I wish I could have gotten in closer to


Haha no just fitted the new tyres and some brakes

Make love, not war!

that is until the Phantom arrives

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Crewing the 12m Stars & Stripes 86 (US-56) vs Canada’s True North II yesterday in St. Maarten. Seriously the most fun that I’ve had sailing, and I did a fair amount when I was young. We won by about a boat length, but it felt closer. They were faster down wind, but it was a starboard tack to the line.


Oh man, imma make so much war when that happens :metal:

Isn’t that the island with the awesome low beach final approach for the airfield?

The sailing must have been awesome.

You made him pay Ferari rates, yeh?

Superb pix man, must have been awesome!


Ready for tomorrow:

Only 170km so far this week but lots of rain which clogged up the drivetrain.
Brushed the dried mud off everything then took out the wheel, put chain cleaner on the cassette and let it soak for a while, then took a brush to it and rinsed everything off with warm water. Dragged the chain through a chain cleaning tool and dried everything off with a cloth. Cleaned the frame and wheels with soapy water as well. Not perfect by any means but it’s gonna get dirty again next week and it’s not worth the time to get it perfect. It’s good enough and the most important thing is a clean drivetrain and working brakes. I also pulled a bunch of glass out of the tires, thanks to the protective layer in the tires (Conti GP 4-Seasons) nothing got through but some of the pieces were close to causing a flat. 4200km without a flat so far.


thanks, it was!

lots of times the crows seem to get the upper hand which can be a bummer, but yesterday that hawk meant buisness!

Screaming, dive bombing; popping up out of nowhere to bascially scare the pants off them.

These two are blurry when I’ve zoomed in, but give you the general idea of the mood he was in.

dive bombing

and this one felt like I was getting yelled at too

hoping they’ll come out again today but so far it’s pretty quiet.