WiFi solution for PC connection to network...?

Also High Power Draw through the circuit causes more frequency noise which causes slower connection and more dropped packets.

You could run the network line through a nice $100+ surge protector that has LAN ports.

My PowerLine kit had originally 2 satellite boxes, one by modem, one by pc.

I did find a kit that had a giant surge protector with PowerLine Link Embedded, and thought I was safe, however, it only prevented the surge from going to the Modem, the client side satellites and devices connected to it were all still exposed.

There are $10 Ethernet inline surge protectors. but I doubt they can handle any spikes from the power line system. they were likely designed to handle spikes from network devices.

I believe the kit I bought was from Monster, and was originally 149.99 but when se discontinued them I bought them all for 20 clearance.

putting the expensive surge protector on both ends may work. but Im not entirely sure the sure protector end can be used as a client for the PowerLine System.

Also they technically only work if source and satellite are on the same power circuit.

So if your modem is in one room, and satellite is in another and they are on separate circuits in the breaker box, it will not work.

Ideally. it was meant as a point to point system in the same room. i.e. put modem on one wall, and run to powerline box on the same outlet, and then put satellite box and pc on another wall and not have to run a LAN line from one side of the room to another, when PowerLine debuted, Wifi was still in its early phases.

To add to that, the last 3 houses I helped with renovations on,
we ran cat6 with every power line in the wall and put extended wall plates with 2x 110v outlets, 2x USB A-65w and Cat6 Jack on every plate.

My Verizon Package uses MoCA for the extenders.

Main Modem is at the service drop and connects to the building COAX System and satellite wifi extenders in other rooms/floors connect to the same COAX System and transmit on the same linked/merged wifi network.

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No disrespect at all, but my experience seems to differ with this; my setup works just fine despite being on separate breakers. I suspect as long as they’re sharing a common (common) and neutral within the breaker box it would be fine.

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it may depend on the breaker box setup,

at both my old house and apartment, on different circuits didnt work at all.

then again, apartments are wired all sorts of crazy and my old house was 70 years old and still used Type-T Fuses hahaha.


The power in an off itself is not the issue. Constant high power will just induce a strong 50/60 (i forget which in murrica) Hz sine wave that the system has no problem filtering out. Stuff that does bang-bang load modulation, also cheap regulated power supplies, etc. are an issue because they send essentialy step or boxcar functions through the system, the spectrum of which is theoretically unbounded, hence noise at all frequencies. Typical offenders are refrigerators, brush fire from older electric motors, essentially anything does quick load modulation.


At one point my TV would lose Wifi connection if anyone used the microwave, roflmao.

But Murica is 60Hz.

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