X-Plane 11 Beta Updates

Beta 4 is now out, run your web installer again!

Beta 5 is out, and fixed Beta 4, run your web installer again (again)!

More info here:

Am a bit scared to update, so one of you lot go first… :ghost:

Wilco. I updated to B4 just today but I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

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Do you guys uninstall some or all of your mods? I worry that updates will overwrite things like mesh.


Updates don’t overwrite the custom scenery folder.

Or at least didn’t in xp10.

I was told the same. So no mod manager here.
I also want to limit mods to a minimum on order to be able to report bugs better.

I have not tried this yet (I will later today)…but someone found all the settings that were dumbed down for XP11 and made it so you can re-enable them:

The following are some of the settings which can be modified individually.

Enable or disable boats
Enable or disable birds and deer
Enable or disable fires and balloons
Adjust road traffic density and draw distance
Adjust static plane density and draw distance
Enable or disable sloped runways
Enable or disable volumetric fog and per pixel lighting
Adjust world object density, including forests and shrubs
Adjust taxiway line smoothness and 3D airport taxiway lighting
Enable or disable texture compression
Enable or disable bump maps, and gritty textures
Enable or disable ambient occlusion
Adjust HDR antialiasing
Adjust how shadows are drawn
Adjust lighting intensity and draw distance
Enable or disable atmospheric scattering
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Did they not include an “advanced graphic settings” tab like, oh I dunno, every other game/application of this type?

It could have been the exact same thing as the old one just reskinned with the new colours and people would’ve been happy.

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I wish that they had settings presets, so that I could quickly switch between VR and non VR settings. Unless I missed it, which is highly likely.


To answer my question a little more thoroughly, true, updates do not overwrite Custom Scenery add-ons, but they can overwrite any mods to the default scenery/aircraft. Case in point, the Winter Package. But the good news is that the X-Plane 11 updater recognizes and warns you when it is going to overwrite a modded file and gives you choices. This gives you the chance to back out and unload the mod before proceeding. Thoughtful programming at play here.

Looks like Beta 7 is out…