X-Plane CYVR at Night

Just the mesh data for FSX here:


There is somewhere that also uses the open-source free OSM data for FSX, but they then charge for it.


Personally that doesn’t sit right with me, but I can see the case considering he did the work I guess. Hmm.

As for mesh + autogen, yes - I think mesh isn’t enough, it’s the stuff on top of the right realistic type that makes the big difference. Considering X-Plane’s strongest suit isn’t really VFR, it’s surprising it has the best (free) option really.

EDIT: Also should add for X-Plane, occasionally the Ultra mesh seems to add ‘bumps’ to airports, in that it’s nice to seem some variation, but it’s also odd to ‘jump’ on take-off when you hit an elevation change mid-runway. I don’t know if there is a way to ensure all airfields are flat, as I definitely order the scenery files the right way.

Uncheck the runways follow terrain contours. This should make all runways, taxiways etc flat.

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Ah - thank you! When my replacement storage arrives (‘next day delivery’ actually means 3 days so far) and I reassemble all the bits that will be very useful.

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Unless the airport has the contour as a feature of course. Like Courchevel or Catalina or Lukla…places like that you’ll want the terrain to follow contours as long as the custom scenery has fixed it.

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This is true, There are 2 airports I have flown into that I had to uncheck it. Cario and Abu Dubi. For whatever reason both had some bad taxiways and runways. And by bad I mean random mountians in the middle of the runway or taxiway.

@fearlessfrog you wouldnt believe but I purchased the openVFR Slovakia terrain a week ago. Yes they ask money for it, but it is not so expensive (at least Slovakia wasnt). And here is the result - Trencin view from north. The river starts at the north part of the city and ends at the south part. And the shape is also not so correct, the XP rendition of the river is so much better.

I already contacted the openVFR support and I am waiting for their turn now. :expressionless:

Well, I guess he’s about to earn his money then :smile:

My guess would be that he generated it a long time ago (guessing 2011?) and that the OSM data has moved on now.

nope, he is not responding to my emails… easy money