X-Plane Releases Thread (2019)

Exactly! Which takes us back to what comes out of the ”XP box” ? as it were.

Obviously the flight dynamics engine. Then, some acceptable level of scenery, weather and (I would argue) ATC and AI aircraft. You also need a few default aircraft.

IMHO XP11 delivers everything but the AI and ATC. Unfortunately there really are not 3rd substitutes for those two that I can work with. Pilot2ATC is very good but is more than I need.

Well, there are some 3rd party traffic addons. World Traffic 3 and Traffic Global are the two I have tried. I like Traffic Global out of the two of them. What I am not sure about is if P2A can ‘see’ the AI traffic generated by these addons. I think P2A has a 10 day trial period, so I should probably give it a try.

Ohhh…thanks for the tip. I shall try that!

Not really a new release but a sale on Active Sky:


Looks like a few Black Friday sales are on in X-Plane land:

First: The X-Plane.org store has its sale on. 615 items at various discounts in a chaotic mess :slight_smile:. If you have particular models in mind, you can skip that and just go to the model page and the sale value should be there.

Second: X-Aviation has a sale on as well. Link below:


BTW: I know it is a Cessna, but the AirFoilLabs Cessna 172SP is, I think, one of the best modules representing the 172SP on X-Plane. It adds the walk around, checklists and maintenance tracker features that all the other ones don’t have. Yeah, X-Plane comes with one of those aircraft, but in my mind, the AirFoilLabs treatment is superb! It has also been updated to the new X-Plane 11.40 flight model!


Just bought two of the “mountain park” sceneries that I don’t already own at %40 off. They are all meticulous works of art and the perfect playgrounds in which to pull for power.

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Back atcha Beach!

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As we all are aware, X-Plane.org is having a sale. Looking at the helicopters, I noted that a couple of them state the requirement as XP-10.something. Does that mean they will also work well in XP-11?

It means you should buy it only if you can live with some quirks or the possibility that the aircraft won’t behave as expected. There have been a lot of changes under the X-Plane hood since version 10. Having said that, I have taken the risk a few times and have generally been satisfied with the results.

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Dangit guys.

Just picked up the Challenger 300 and PC-12 in the store sale.

Still holding off on the King Air 350 until I get some more time under my belt, and confirmation that I’m not also buying a new throttle quadrant. But just barely.


I would avoid those. I agree that there are still many helos missing for XP11 but for me the XP10 versions are not worth the hassle.

I am eyeing VSKYLABS Guimbal Cabri G2 just recently updated for 11.40+ Experimental flight model.


Yeah…with any XP-10 offerings, you would be well served to take a look at the ORG forums first to browse the developer forum to see what issues exist, and whether either the developer or users have come up with solutions…


Right now, I would only recommend the 407 (xp11 version), Bell 412, the free(!) Bell 427 and the latest little guys from VSKYLABS. The R44, 300 and A350 are on the pipeline to be brought up to XP11 standards. Judging by the reaction on the forum, you might regret buying now.

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The Nimbus Huey is pretty good too IMHO.


This (edit: 429 at the .org)

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Just some minor corrections :

I could realy recommend to anyone the Bell412 from XTrident. Great also for IFR with robust autopilot.
Also all the free helos are realy good : MD500, R44, SA315,…

Nimbus Huey is on my wishlist :slight_smile:


Reality XP Year End Sale : 30% discount offer valid until Dec 31, 2019.

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Hmm…it’s that GTN 750 everyone seems to slot into their stacks, isn’t it? I know nothing about it but it looks neat.

Sure it is. I also don’t know all the details and their web isnt very detailed either imo. Like I can dl the manual and study. Or some yt videos will be useful I guess.

Wondering why there is no review of this thing on Mudspike web :wink: