1.5.4 Update 4 (August 19)

DCS: World 1.5.4 Update 4 changelog


DCS Update 4

DCS World

Fixed crash after exit from multiplayer.
Labels format now forced in multiplayer game from mission file (custom labels script should be added to mission file manually).
Trimmer method now selecting correctly for FFB and nonFFB devices.
DCS can be closed by Alt+F4 combo (need to add ‘respect_alt_f4 = true’ line to autoexec.cfg).
Encyclopedia: R4M rockets description added.

DCS Bf‐109 K‐4

Module is in release status now.
Added new skins.


Fixed missing wing tank pylon textures on s ome LODs.

DCS F‐5E Tiger II

Radio channel presets now loading in a prepared mission.
Fixed frequency rounding in preset channel chart.

Fixed frequency rounding in preset channel chart. [/quote]


Huh…I admit I had hoped for some more fixes.

But that could be a good sign! Perhaps 2.5 is really near and because of that they aren’t backporting all their new fixes to 1.5.4 :slight_smile:


Unlikely, just a while ago they were hoping to release it this year, but closer to december then august.

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By DCSW standards that IS very close!

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