1 dead In Eurofighter collision in Germany

Not many details yet. Condolences to the family of the dead pilot. Hope everyone else is ok.

One killed in fighter jet collision over Germany


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Darn it.

Yeah, always sad to see accidents happen. :frowning:

But, the first hull loss since 2004 is a pretty darned good safety record…

Well, half of that is because they rarely fly, because of lack of funding. What doesn’t fly cannot crash.

Au contraire, if they’re flying only rarely, there’s no routine, no muscle memory. I’d say the chance of mishap would be larger.

Either way, thats a hella impressive safety record.

Rip the man who died. He went doing what he loved for those whom he loved. Its not much consolation to those left behind but it’ll have to do. :salute:

Loss of a brave man. Loss of a great plane. A sad day for all involved

Actually … there has been three fatal crashes in 2017 alone…
One of them was a Pilot I knew personally.

It was the first for the Luftwaffe. According to the article, anyway…

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Ach! Sorry…

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Article said both ejected as observed by a third, and the deceased pilot was found on the ground - the other rescued from a tree.

I hope our man down went quickly, and it wasn’t a case of a failed parachute or the like.