10 most scenic airport landings, according to PrivateFly

This story was actually on my local news tonight… think I’ll be checking them out myself… They described why and showed footage, but don’t want to get in trouble for reposting too much… Agreed? Others?

10 most scenic airport landings, according to PrivateFly

  1. Donegal Airport, Ireland EIDL

  2. Msembe Airstrip, Tanzania HTNI

  3. Skiathos (Alexandros Papadiamantis) Airport, Greece LGSK

  4. Orlando (Melbourne) International Airport, Florida KMCO

  5. Barra Airport, Scotland

  6. Bora Bora (Motu Mute) Airport, French Polynesia NTTB

  7. St Maarten (Princess Juliana) International Airport, St Maarten TNCM

  8. Praslin Island Airport, Seychelles

  9. Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates OMDB

  10. Nadi International Airport, Fiji NFFN

Added airport ID’s… can’t find 5 or 8.


Hmmm…funny since that one will be showing up in the next PC Pilot…with some “scoop” by our very own @Scoop! :wind_face: :cloud: :cloud_with_rain: :mountain: :ireland:


I am a bit offended that there’s not a single Norwegian airport in that list… :sunglasses:


Add Lagoa Nova to that list :wink:

Cough NZQN Cough.

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I hope my favourite house is featured - If an Islander was based there I would have bought it and waited for the next pilot vacancy. The view is stunning and overlooks the airfield. All that is green becomes rainbow when the ‘machair’ is in bloom.
Isle of Barra Whisky Galore property - Daily Record



That list is F.O.S.! There are a bunch of beautiful airports that didn’t make the cut—but Orlando did? Orlando? I do agree with Saint Maartin and Skiathos. But nothing in Austria. Or Itally. No Lukla!

EDIT: Oops. I bought into the necromancy. :crazy_face:


Yeah, but not one single little Norwegian airport, man… I mean, haven’t they heard about the fjords…?

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