Today, my local ISP upgraded the radio in my dish (I use a WISP connection). Previously I could only get “up to” 5mbps. Now I’m up to 15mbps. Huge difference when it comes to watching streaming video and (most importantly) downloading files. I know that this speed is slow when compared to cable or fiber, but right now it feels super fast to me! The monthly subscription is kind of pricey, but after 12 years of living where there isn’t cable, it seems well worth the extra expense. :sunglasses:


Man at 15mbps you can stream HQ stuff like this (totally safe for work):



Lol, You sir are evil!!!


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Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :scream:

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I do wonder what the next 10 years will bring in terms of LEO satellite internet and living remotely. So much going on in this area, and the impacts might take a while but are exciting. Starlink is due to launch June 2019 according to FCC filings, although with all things Musk, it’ll probably be later than that.

Once the kids are safely not wanting to see us so much :slight_smile: , I would love to head up further north in BC to live and go somewhere I could climb, ski and chase the bears more. A huge amount of space up that way. Having great internet would make that decision easier, as I could game, work etc. 4000 LEO satellites shooting lasers could be the way. :star:


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I’m gonna need Amazon Drone Beer Delivery service too. Or a big secondary fridge in the four car garage (one bay for kayaks, one bay for snowmachines, one for ATVs, and one for my home cockpit)…


What are you, casual?!

You drink illegal moonshine in the mountains, boy.


I have wisp also. Started also with 5mbps and now at 20mbps.

I am ok with it so far but… I am considering to quit it. For the same price I can have here 4G mobile data program with unlimited data. So considering that.