1800kg bomb how high to drop safe?

feels like it nearly blew me outta the sky, what is a safe height for a big bomb like this?

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Not just height. Speed and altitude (AGL) are the keys to avoiding the blast radius. Easy to do in level bombing. In dive bombing you need to account for the pull out. What is the minimum altitude you will reach? Where will you reach it in relation to the target?

For DCS World older jets (and some FSX TACKPAC jets) they have tables or rules of thumb. The more modern jets flash do not drop symbology (or won’t let the bomb drop) the are dynamically calculated.

For an old Stuka??? I’d say some trial and error testing is called for.

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does BOx allow you to set a Delay?

Also i think sc1800 were rarely used! or for special targets only!
Mainly bunkers…

for a train is a little overkill!

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Aint that half the fun? :partying_face: :mushroom:

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Doing some quick wiki’ing the british 4,000 lb bomb had a minimum drop height of 6,000’.

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safe to say i was way too low then. surprised the wings didnt come off

No, no, don’t look at it that way…you were not too low…the ground was too high! :grin:

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