1932 Bendix Trophy - Transcontinental racing flight Event


To celebrate the release of the Gee Bee R2, the Virtual Air Racing Associationis organizing its first transcontinental event to relive the 1932 Bednix Trophy between Burbank (KBUR) and Cleveland (KCLE)! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a 2042 mile race for fun, in the footsteps of Gee Bee R2 and Lee Gehlbach, with a minimum of two mandatory stops (KAMA and KTIP) and who can be completed in multiple sessions between the april 30th and the May 14th.

The event can be done with any aircraft with one or more piston engines, but don’t hesitate to join our server to find out more about the organization :smiley: !

VARA Discord serveur : https://discord.gg/RGRaXuKMzs

See you soon in flight ! :small_airplane: :checkered_flag: :world_map: :trophy:

this could be fun, especially with planes with engine damage modelled.

guess that GeeBee doesnt have this (for that price point) but I need to look it up to be sure.

but where did I see it mentioned !? was browsing marketplace recently and it was in features… for… for Goose from BigRadials it was.

Yes I’m not sure the Gee Bee engine can be damaged even if I haven’t really abused it yet! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are interested in this kind of event, don’t hesitate to come and visit our discord! :smiley:

We are planning other races of this kind in the future and with the P-51, P-38, F-4U, etc… the challenge will be even more difficult because they can break their engine! :wink:

The Boeing 247 would fit the bill quite nicely I think…and you have to be very careful with babying the engines.

lets do it! :sunglasses: (… once we finish the Lewis & Clark track :wink: )

Yes indeed, I am also planning an event around the MacRobertson Air Race in which he participated! =)

With pleasure, do not hesitate to join us on the discord, we will regularly organize this kind of races. :slightly_smiling_face:

We did a MacRobertson trek here on MudSpike awhile ago. It was an epic trek. Doing it again in MSFS sounds like fun.

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I have actually been contemplating that now that we are starting to see some period appropriate aircraft. I’d love to see what the scenery looks like.

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I decided to take a whack at it.

Taking off from Burbank.

Hugging the 210 I believe over Pasadena.

Passing over the Morris Reservoir.

About to do the “drive of shame” as the lovely green of SoCal turns into the searing brown of the desert.

Got pretty lost in trying to weave my way through the mountains. My guess is that this is Big Bear City.

Mostly TLARing it, I spot what could only be Lake Havasu…thank God for the Colorado!

Was running pretty low on juice. This was a welcome sight!

This first leg was easy. Good weather and defined landmarks. Next leg I’m going to need to choose my checkpoints wisely.

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What are you flying? That is a pretty little bird.

That’s the AH Grumman F3F-2 with a skin by Jan Kees Blom.

It’s a fun little bird. Not study level, but pretty.

Thank you, may need to pick it up.

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The cockpit textures aren’t quite up to the best out there and the sound is a little anaemic, just so you know what you are getting. Still I’ve had fun with it.

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Awesome, your pictures are amazing! Don’t hesitate to join the discord to share your adventure with us, the members will be delighted! :smiley:


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One of our members, Sal1800, has just published on flightsim.to an amazing aircraft that made the race in 1932 and that can be used as a great machine for this race: the Wedell Williams 44 https://flightsim.to/file/31689/wedell-williams-model-44-1-00

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thats definitely great pic! bird looks good from outside. seems like AH planes could be good value on sale.

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I was very tempted by the Wedell. That cream paint job is everything that’s right about 1930s paint schemes.

And it hauls the chili, I’m here to tell ya!

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Slow going because of work, but I managed a second leg last night.

Lake Havasu to Winslow, Arizona.

This time in a PR Spitfire. Again, perfect weather and so so navigation.

Not a ton in the way of landmarks…mostly flying by feel.

Some beautiful rugged scenery though.

Along with the occasional opportunity for a ridgeline crossing! :wink:

Think I sighted Bagdad (no, the other one) here.

As I proceeded east, I failed to spot any truly significant landmarks and realized that I had no way of really knowing where I was. I picked up a pretty good looking airfield a little ways south. It’d be nice if they painted the name on the taxiway, but had to settle for a little runway identification pass…

That’s too big for one of the smaller fields on the map and the wrong configuration for Prescott. Must be Flagstaff.

Looks like I’ve drifted fairly far north working my way through the mountains!

If that’s Flagstaff, then this is I-40.

Who says I don’t fly I.F.R. (I Follow Roads)?

Still, I’m only getting a warm fuzzy(ish). If only I could find something…unmistakable…

And, since I’m here.

Which would mean Winslow-Lindbergh Regional would be about here.

Lot of wind blowing across this pond. Kind of cool that MSFS lets you pick up the wind direction and intensity from the environment just like real life.

Uh, yeah. A little windy.

Set up for a little pitch out teardrop.

Eeeeeasy with it!

And boom, right on centerline…eventually. Don’t pay any attention to the tumbleweeds in the wheel wells. :innocent:

Whataya’ mean there’s another runway that’s aligned with the wind? :laughing:

Finally, I know where I am!

Doing this by bits, so I haven’t been able to make it to the Discord yet. Sorry to miss it.


Time to find a corner to stand on!

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