1CGS 2024 and Beyond

IL2 BOS is my go-to sim whenever I need a WWII fix. Well, it seems that 1CGS has some things coming our way in the forms of a new project, which will implement new tech, and a move to the Pacific Theater among other things. I’m most excited about the move to the Pacific.

Check out Stormbirds


Their move to the Pacific now that @Combat_Pilot_Jason has moved on to start a new Pacific based simulation is an interesting and somewhat surprising development considering all the past assertions that the title would not be moving in that direction.

I think the the interest in just the announcement of a Pacific based sim really surprised them and now they are trying to find a way to cash in on that wave too.



You nailed it. That seems to be the way things work. Competition tends to spur the urge for creativity and action. I recall, how many of us wanted TM to make an upgraded Viper series HOTAS after the Warthog. It felt like the community’s request fell on deaf ears. Once Winwing delivered their F-16 Viper throttle, TM seemed to wake up and respond with their version. How interesting.

The Combat Pilot team seems like they have invested a good amount of thought, research, and planning into their sim. Good times are ahead for WWII fans. I just hope we don’t repeat the past where there was a glut of WWII sims on the market. While it was nice to have options, it felt like we would never see a modern-day sim.


Exactly for that reason I will NEVER buy anything Pacific-related from them.


WWII sim dev FOMO?
1C - “Nope, we can’t do Pacific because reasons.”
ED - “We’re starting work on Pacific stuff.”
CP - “We’re making a Pacific sim.”
1C - “Uh…well…hold on a minute, hold on a minute…you know, maybe…”